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    how I play my cards. They are MY cards and MY chips. If you don't like it leave. But hurling insults from the safety of a keyboard is chicken manure.

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    I don't know who this is directed to, but I agree totally with your message here.



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      We've seen this debate many times already here, and I see it everyday in the poker room. The ego is a fragile thing, and when you insult ones ego by not playing the way they think you should...they have a hard time controlling their tongue/fingers. The only thing you can do, is ignore it. If you comment, it just "feeds" it. The longer they play the game, the more they will realize, that you're never going to get things to go your way all the time, and getting beat by "rags" or a "miracle card" or whatever is going to happen more times than you can count. If you insist on getting upset every time this happens, you'll be depleting your bankroll by spending the money on blood pressure medicine.
      When I'm playing with their money...then I'll play the way they tell me to...but until then......




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        Your damn right it is your business Joe and that is a fact!! :x
        I do gotta say that in the past month I have seen more insults said at the table then ever before. I play alot of hours and I have seen this over and over again. I see them leave the table with insults :evil: then go into another room and make sure that everyone there knows that their ppAs or whatever just got drawn out, with more added insults. I don't know what they're talking about because I don't know about you Joe, but I have never had my ppAs drawn out, have you? :roll: :roll: :roll:
        What Pokergoddess said about these kind of threads, they do go on and on so just play WHATEVER YOU DAMN WELL FEEL, IN WHATEVER WAY YOU WANT. Some of these sore losers, had better learn to be good losers, if they want to survive in this game of Poker, is all I got to say.




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          Hey Joe,

          the best response to hurled/typed insults:

          "I'm sorry, what did you just say? I didn't hear you as I was stacking your chips."



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            Rude Players

            In my office we have a name for rude, obnoxious people and list their names on the bullitin board in the break room. The list is called the "TB" list. That's short for "turkey butt". Maybe we need a TB list in the forum.


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              I very seldom respond to such comments at the table.

              I also believe that PSO is not as friendly as it was a year ago. And online poker in general is not as friendly and enjoyable as RL play.



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                nonsense by losing players


                If they're whining, then you're doing something right!! I want my opponents to be thrown off their game, though I consider angle-shooting and other such offences contemptible. If my play isn't good enough, then I richly deserve to fail!!



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                  I'm glad you have noticed that the friendliness here has diminished a lot since a year ago. : I have my thoughts as to why, but I will maybe open a can of worms if I state them. I gotta say there is about 20 players here that make a game much more enjoyable. They are the ones who will give you some encouragement without putting ya down or ridiculing you. There is a way to tell someone something, and there is a way of telling someone something. IMHO I also think since there was a posting here in the forum re: saying the words, NH or GB, and wondering why people use those terms when the hand was'nt a NH, was read by a fair amount of players, it seems that now it's hardly said, and myself personally when I ever said that to someone, weather the person had a crappy hand and won or whatever, I meant it, just as it says NH. To me if it wins, it turned out to be a NH. Just little things like that. Friendliness was one of the #1 things here and it is like most businesses the #1 thing that keeps you going back. Ooooooops :roll: I was'nt going to state what I think, OH well I said it. There is also a lot of sarcasam : too, and I will use, no I won't use any names, but I see some getting made fun of, put down, called names, it is terrible :x . On one occassion I even asked why? and I then was callled names, and put down. Now why is this happening? Like who in hell do these people think they are?
                  I'm sure they don't conduct themselves like that in a Casino or a Card room.
                  Keep playing Trumpinjoe and PLAY WHAT YOU DAMN WELL WANT, AND BE NICE TO ALL, I try to be, but get made fun of for that too.


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                    And another thing: It is impolite to speak of someone who is at the table in the third person. I was at a table when Samz was just killing some of the guys. They would say to me 'why does he play that way' or 'why does he do that?' And I said, "It's impolite to talk about someone who is sitting at the table, calling him 'he' and if you want to know why he played those cards, ASK HIM.'

                    I do contended that the defeated have bought the right to complain, cry, wail, etc. (and hopefully they will), but there is no place to be impolite. Those whose aces get cracked-- lost--one hand. People who expect me to play like they want me to are in serious (as serious as I can dish out) trouble.

                    Lafem and I were watching Samz dismantling a group of freesiders the other day, it really was quite amazing. Lafem said to Samz: 'nh' to which he replied (ever heard him speak?): 'I guess I got lucky'. Lafem said "You played perfectly" (Then there was a group hug )

                    Point: No room to be impolite to anyone. Not to those you may respect and might like, or to those whom you may not.



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                      Originally posted by TrumpinJoe
                      I very seldom respond to such comments at the table.

                      I also believe that PSO is not as friendly as it was a year ago. And online poker in general is not as friendly and enjoyable as RL play.

                      My mileage must vary a lot. Maybe I don't play as frequently or at the same time of day as you guys who experience this problem. But I cannot recall the last chat experience that bothered me or seemd inappropriate and which caused any controversy. PSO seems as friendly as always to me. I don't get it.


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                        my response to every hand i lose is nh sometimes it means nh sometimes it means **** you but only i know and i dont give satisfaction to the maniac.


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                          I have to agree with Wiscer, I have not noticed any inappropiate chat at the games I have played. However I don't play as much as most members do. I find PSO to be much much friendlier than the cardrooms here in California. There is almost always someone whining and berating other players in the casino's. And I see very little of that here.

                          At least no one throws their cards at the dealer here at PSO.

                          Ricky Hard


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                            Shut up Wiscer,IT'S NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS!

                            Get it now?


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                              That was just a joke by the way.

                              He(martan) is making a very good point here.



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