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Friday Night Poker

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  • Friday Night Poker

    Let me tell you guys a story. Me and a couple of buddies of mine we like to get together on Fridays to play long sessions on PokerStars. We each have an account but we used to sometimes play on each other's accounts, instead of switching every game. Then I learned that this was illegal. My account got blocked. I had to prove my identity to keep using it. It felt pretty weird to get a notice saying that my account was frozen when I didn't feel that I had done anything wrong. So beware everybody: if you're going to get together and play you're gonna have to log in and out each time you switch or risk having the Man shut your account down.

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    You cant just swtch accounts whdn the mood strikes you! Its called multiaccounting and (as it should be) anyone trying this SHOULD be banned. Ppl have the right to know who they're playing against. If you want to play with JUST your buddies start a home game club. Please dont come on here and advocate ppl logging in and out so they can multiaccount undetected. if I misread or misinterpreted your post, my appoligies GL out there
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    May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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      Take 2

      You can come down from your high horse now and stop hyper-ventilating. I'm not 'advocating' anything. I see your point. You wouldn't want to be playing against Phil Ivey when the monicker says otherwise. Relax. The buddy I let play was way, way worse than me. We used to get together, get drunk, play 1,50$ SnG's. Sometimes we'd be a bunch of people, some were sometimes broke. They'd get all puppy-eyed and would beg the one playing so they could enjoy one game, kinda like:
      - Hey, I'm gonna take a break.
      - Can I play one game while your gone? Pleeeease?
      - Fine. Just one until I get back.

      OOoooo. Call the cops! Anyone making any mistake should immediately be banned, no questions asked! Jeez... As I said earlier, I didn't know that was illegal. I got in trouble. I explained myself. Everything is back to normal and no, we don't share accounts anymore. Lesson learned. THAT was the point of my post, I didn't think I would have to justify myself all over again...

      Oh, and thanx for the luck BTW. Much luck 2 U 2.


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        Lol no horses here I can assure you.... and your post was very easily misinterpreted to mean " you gotta be.sneaky so you don't get caught"
        But after your reply and rereading your first post, I get your meaning.
        And now, if YOU will reread MY first post, down there at the bottom, you'll see an apology if ineed I did misinterpret your post.
        Have a nice day!
        May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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          Ha! Sorry. I do have a tendency to stack it up pretty thick. No prob. GL


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            And have a nice day to U 2


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              Glad you 2 are seeing EYE to EYE.


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                Lol you dork! ok then, ummmm my eye is (its my 2yr old's) three now.. Oh! And plz dont misconstrue the term dork. It just means silly or goofy here, not the literal term.
                May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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                  ** Moved ** to a more appropriate category.

                  Thanks for being part of PSO, and Best of Luck at the Tables

                  Ed (flophitter)



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