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New Method For Awarding VPPs

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  • New Method For Awarding VPPs

    On January 1, 2012, we will be changing the way VIP Player Points (VPPs) are awarded at our ring game tables.

    Historically, the VPPs earned in a ring game hand have been split equally between all players that were dealt into the hand. The new method will award VPPs proportionally based on each player's contribution to the pot.

    The change is illustrated in the example below:

    Five players participate in a hand of $1/$2 No Limit Hold'em.


    * Player 1 raises to $6

    * Player 2 folds

    * Player 3 folds

    * Players 4 (the $1 small blind) calls

    * Players 5 (the $2 big blind) calls


    * Player 4 makes a bet of $9

    * Player 5 moves all in for $21

    * Player 1 folds

    * Player 4 calls

    * The remaining cards are dealt, and the $60 pot is awarded to Player 4

    The pot is $60 in total. Players 4 & 5 contributed $27 each, and player 1 contributed $6. The total rake on this pot is $3, which is worth 16.5 VPPs.

    Under the old method, all five players would receive an equal share of the points, i.e. 16.5 / 5 = 3.3 VPPs.

    Under the new method, the VPPs will be awarded as follows:

    *Player 1 contributed $6 (10% of the pot) and so receives 1.65 VPPs.

    *Player 2 contributed $0 (0% of the pot) and so receives 0 VPPs.

    *Player 3 contributed $0 (0% of the pot) and so receives 0 VPPs.

    *Player 4 contributed $27 (45% of the pot) and so receives 7.43 VPPs.

    *Player 5 contributed $27 (45% of the pot) and so receives 7.43 VPPs.

    A number of Frequently Asked Questions are answered below. If you have a question that is not addressed in this section, please contact

    What is actually changing?

    We have changed the way VIP Player Points (VPPs) are awarded to each player in ring games. Previously, any VPPs awarded to the table were split equally between all players dealt into a hand. Now, VPPs are awarded based on how much each player has contributed to the total pot. The same total amount of VPPs will be awarded as before. However, some individuals may receive more or fewer VPPs based on how much they contribute to raked pots.

    How are VPPs now awarded?

    VPPs will continue to be awarded in ring games based on the rake collected in each pot. The same total amount of VPPs will be awarded for each hand but not all players dealt in will receive the same number of VPPs. Instead, players will receive a share of the total VPPs awarded based on how much they contributed to the pot. The formula for VPP earnings under the method is VPPs = (your contribution to pot / total pot) * (rake collected * VPP multiplier).

    This does not affect MTTs or SNGs. You will continue to earn VPPs at a rate of 5.5 for each $1 in tournament entry fees.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: In all cash ring games, points are credited at the end of a hand. So if you leave a table before the hand is completed, you may not receive the VPPs for that hand. To ensure that you are properly credited, please ‘Sit Out’ until the start of the next hand, and then leave the table.

    When does the change happen?

    VPPs will be awarded with the new method at tables that are created on or after January 1, 2012.

    How will I know how much I have contributed to the pot?

    Your contribution to the pot consists of any money you put in during the hand by posting blinds, calling bets, or making bets or raises that are matched by at least one opponent. The total amount of those actions divided by the total pot size (before rake) equals the percentage of the pot you have contributed in that hand, and the percentage of the awarded VPPs you will receive.

    Please refer to PokerStars VIP Program for more information, including a calculation formula, on how VPPs are now awarded.

    How will the new method of awarding VPPs affect me?

    These changes will only affect players at real money ring game tables. Tournaments are not affected.

    Because the new method awards VPPs based on how much you individually contribute to raked ring game pots, the impact will be different for all players. Some players will earn more VPPs and some will earn less, but the total number of VPPs PokerStars awards per hand will not change.

    Does the new method of awarding VPPs mean I need to pay more rake to get the same amount of VPPs as before?

    VPPs have always related to the amount of rake paid at the table, not the rake paid by individual players in the pots that they win. This change will affect players differently based on their playing style. Some players will have to play more hands to earn the same number of points while others will have to play fewer hands.

    Are the VPPs required to attain various VIP Club levels being adjusted as well?

    Only the manner in which VPPs are distributed is changing. The number of VPPs required to earn each VIP Club level is not changing at this time.

    VPP changes discussion thread
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