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New year poker goal

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  • New year poker goal

    Before Christmas I wrote a post reflecting on my poker experiences in 2011...

    My poker goals for 2012 will be based upon those reflections and observations. My overarching poker goal for for the new year is...

    To become a more deliberate player

    I noticed how I my personality style favours spontaneity, fluidity and freedom, and how this has both positive and negative consequences in my poker game. I am sure that by introducing a degree of deliberateness and structure to my poker playing that I can mitigate my weaknesses and augment my strengths.

    I will not attempt to become extremely regimented in my approach to the game as this will only stifle me, and will not energise me. However by introducing a loose structure I am sure I can enhance my game.

    In order to become a more deliberate player I will...

    1. Establish a playing station.

    By this I just mean not playing whilst slumped on the couch with my laptop. I will put my laptop on the table, have everything around me that I need, and pull up a chair. This simple act will mean that when I sit down to play poker I am consciously and deliberately doing so.

    2. Create a weekly check-list.

    Here I will record games played and time spent playing each day. I will also record time spent studying and reviewing my play. This will enable me to see how much time I spend in each area and what I can achieve in that time.

    I would like to complete the 100 games for Cowboy's challenge each month along with some larger MTT's, whilst also putting in some hours of study and review. Eventually I might like to establish a regular MTT schedule, and try out some ring game play as well.

    I will print out my check-lists and keep them in a dedicated poker folder.

    3. Regularly study and review my games.

    As stated above I will dedicate some time each week to study and review, and record the time spent on my check-list. Study will consist of a combination of live training, videos, books, articles and forum posts. I will print out some interesting articles for study away from the computer.

    I will purchase some tracking software to enable me to more easily review my play and find areas for improvement. It might take me some time to learn the software but I am sure it will be beneficial.

    4. Establish a go-to range.

    I will create a sheet with opening ranges on it. This will be a combination of the ranges on Spacegravey's videos and the PSO course. I will print out this sheet and keep it by me when I play, and store it in my poker folder. I will still play with adjustments for different opponents and situations, but having a default range for uncertain situations will definitely improve my game. This sheet will also be very useful when it comes to reviewing my play.

    5. Keep a log book for live play

    I have relay enjoyed tournaments in the brick and mortar casinos recently and I will continue to play them in the new year. I will aim to play at least once a fortnight. I will keep track of my results in a log book that I will keep in my poker folder.

    I am confident that implementing the above steps will make me into a more deliberate poker player, and as such a better player overall. I am looking forward to poker in 2012. Best of luck to everyone in their poker goals for the new year.


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