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  • Introspection

    Regretfully I've come to the conclusion that I'm done here. If you will allow me your attention for a minute I'll try and explain.

    Two items:

    A couple of months ago I asked Poker Stars if I could change my name. Partly I wanted a new start. They said no; that there was too much history and it would not be fair to those who have book on me. What they meant by that was they were adamant that they would protect their 'good' players; the ones with HUDs who collect all sorts of data. Seriously, that's all they could have meant, as I'm a little fish that's only managed to go deep in the micros about 5 times in my 2 years here. I'm a nobody. The integrity of the game was not in jeopardy from me changing my moniker. Seriously!

    My reason for wanting a change was twofold, one being personal and the other being...I don't know....personal / professional. Too many co-workers, family and friends know my name and know when I'm playing. The time I spend playing is not something I'm exactly proud of. It gets complicated and it's not always good. (Has nothing to do with money. I can afford my play financially.)

    The other reason is I deal with clients who have done a lot of 'time'. RedLetter man means something entirely different to those who have spent time inside. (I originally picked it because FT pros names were written in red. Sorry. Shoot me now) I did not know then what RedLettered meant to my clients. (For instance: 'Goof' is the worst word you can call a fellow inmate. You can expect to get a bad hurt or worse for calling someone a 'goof'.) Go figure. I won't go into the details of being to say it's not safe to be labelled one.....

    Anyway, they would not allow the change, despite people such as Dirty Rubbers and I Hate Juice being able to change theirs. The latter, by the way, is a big shark at Poker Stars. Thanks a lot Poker Stars.

    Other item:

    Took a beat today from someone named FastEdiddy. He/She is sb and all in pre with A4. I'm bb and call with AA. Flop comes x44. I'm done after 4 and a half hours. He/She goes on to claim second place and a grand plus in cash. The point here isn't the bad beat. Yeah I was furious and ranted here at PSO. But I eventually cooled off. I watched the chat after the beat and she/he defended the move to others at the table as " and the only way to make first or second in a tourney, where the real money is...." (He/she wasn't isolating and playing odds in this hand. She/he had done this about 5 times in the previous 11 or 12 hands)

    I thought about it a lot. I mused and mulled over the idea of risking your tourney life by betting like this. Like go big or go home, even after 4 and a half hours and less than 3% of the entrants remaining. Then I checked his/her stats on the net. He/she has done well. Real well. Better than me, that's for sure. By playing like an ehole yet. I realized I'll never be able to play this way. It just isn't in me. It's the new poker Negraneau talks about, I guess. The risk / reward ratio becomes a long term thing rather than the immediate hand, and that's not how I play.

    As an aside, I've also come to realize that if I'm unwilling to use a HUD then I better get out of Rome.

    I MAY play a bigger tournament now and again, you know, save up and spend a Sunday having FUN but I'll definitely stay away from the micros and low levels. I'm also staying away from PSO. Being well-versed in addictive behaviors I know I can't come around. I'll see about dropping by in six months.

    Hope you ALL stay well. Really hope Moxie's playing online soon. Glad for the rest of you that JD isn't. Be good to yourself Eff.


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    I am sad to hear that Dan, I have always found you to be insightful, thought provoking and a pretty damn good poker player to boot.

    Personally I would continue to pursue the name change, as you say others have changed their screen name so I think it is legitimate to ask why you cannot change yours!

    In terms of the poker stuff, I like yourself, really hate the use of HUDs, I realise they are a useful aid but I just abhor the things. In terms of the changing style of poker, it is, has been and always will be changing: you have to adapt and adjust to that change. I really don't like tournies, time investment is too great and I do not have the patience or discipline and I have shipped worst than A4 many a time. Just look below!

    Do the best thing for yourself I always say, and if you feel a break is warranted then take the time out and enjoy it. Best of luck Dan and we will all still be here if you ever decide to return.



    Hand player not working at the moment but will post it up for your enjoyment later
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        I know they don't want to be changing many user names, but if you tell them the professional history behind why you want it changed, if it were up to me, that would fall into a reason to change one. Did you explain that fully to them when requesting it?

        I've never used a HUD (although I'm considering getting one when the US players are allowed back in).

        You're one of the players that I have marked in red (total coincidence)... that's listed as 'legit player' from my notes. I know you're a good player and don't want to see you go, but do what's best for you and hope to see you at the tables again in the future.

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          Originally posted by topthecat View Post
          Ha ha TC.... YOU MUV SHONKEY... On a more important note.. Hate to see ya go red! Your a great contributer here. I wanted to change mine as well, and got the same cut n paste response you got i'm sure. Only you know whats best for you though. All the best whatever your descision sir! MT
          May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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            It is my new secret weapon mtn; I call it the "From Russia with love" move




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              Originally posted by topthecat View Post
              It is my new secret weapon mtn; I call it the "From Russia with love" move Cheers, TC
              lolumbup:ALL THEE BESThicup
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                That sucks,I always enjoyed your posts.

                Understand the point about players you think are bad and then you look them up and they are blowing everyone out of the water. Makes you think sometimes about all this theory and every one playing the same way. I had my best run in poker when I thought AK was the nuts and would call people to the river. I learned a little and have been sucking at poker ever since. Variance and all can really mess the mind up.

                Pm incoming..


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                  Really,really sorry to hear this Dan.

                  Give the ID change request another try and explain it as forthrightly as you did here and maybe a fresh set of eyes will have a more favorable take on it. It kind of makes one a little blue at the gills to know that there is a player out there who was a belligerent ass from their very first post in this Forum right through the day we didn't see them any longer who was afforded this courtesy,but a guy who has been nothing but as stand up a person as one can be like yourself is told no. Boggles the mind really.

                  As to the poker part of it,well there are plenty of players out there that believe that playing the style the player you mentioned in your post was playing is a valid way to go. Bully for them and keep it coming I say. I mean Hell,in a given year there are 1-2 million players of all types banging away on this site. We all know that there is such a thing as variance in this game. Stands to reason that there are going to be some players at any given time who are playing bad poker (not saying this player IS necessarily a bad player BTW) but are being rewarded for doing so over an extended period. Would be shocking for that NOT to be the case actually. You ran into one and yeah,I'm sure it can be galling,but that's all part of this wacky ass game that we love so much. It's only the things that you truly love that can make you hate them so much at times I think.

                  Thanks for the good thoughts about myself and my American compadres getting back on here sooner than later. I only hope that we find you here standing with us when we do get back. But if not all the best to you in whatever you decide to do moving forward.



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                    Originally posted by topthecat View Post
                    So you WERE listening last night in the Tank when I said that 94o is the Pokerstars Monkey Nutz.


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                      Have you tried to frame it in terms of what allowing you to change your name would mean to them?

                      Like how you dislike your name so much it makes you not want to play. Whereas if you were allowed to have your name changed, you'd be so grateful you'd want to make a deposit so you could play big tourneys? A decent sized deposit. Of money.

                      Sometimes that works? :/



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