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JWK24's 2012 Goals

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  • JWK24's 2012 Goals

    Yearly goals

    These are 100% subject to change when the US players are back online, as there will be much more for online play than live play.

    Play in at least 10 live daily tourneys. I'd like to have at least 60% FT and 50% ITM and at least 2 top 3's. (my prior numbers over the last 10 yrs were approx 66% FT and 55% ITM.... but more cashes in 4th-7th... want to maybe get a bit less ITM/FT's, but get better cashes in them). The same thing that I've been working on with Moxie's online challenge, which I've been accomplishing.

    Play more live limit hold'em games. Played 2 times live this year, for about 5 hrs total. I'd like to double that number and increase my profit from them (broke even due to a bad run in one of the sessions this year).

    Study goals:

    Put in at least 10 hrs/week either reading, studying, watching videos or being in a study group. I've been doing almost this for the last three months, so need to keep it and make sure I do it every week.

    Play reviews:

    Do at least two tourney reviews each week (been slacking on this until recently). Need to keep up with it. I started saving my HH's to my computer, so I can be doing this.


    Keep playing in what I can and keep my challenge numbers moving up and up. I've been doing it in the 100 game challenges. Haven't had as much luck with the 20 game orbit challenge, due to hitting variance runs... but am playing thru them.

    Bottom line:
    Keep learning from every way possible and hopefully the results will work themselves out by me making better decisions in the games.

    6 Time Bracelet Winner

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    GREAT stuff JW umbup: Couple of questions for you When you play live, what kind of games do you play and how many participants per tournaments? Maybe I should add a few in my goals, thx for letting me know umbup:


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      Live tourneys are NLHE, cash games are limit (2/4, 3/6 spread, 3/6 kill).

      It depends on how many are in them. They normally pay 1 per table, or 1 per table +1 and can get anywhere from 30 to 80 players. Most are in the 40-70 player range. It depends on how many are there and sign up.

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        Just added one to the reading list (and it'll take me some time to get thru it for sure), but got Super System 2 for xmas

        It's a few days early, but tourney number 1 on the list is tomorrow (along with a limit ring session).

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Definitely tell us how it goes. I'm really interested to hear.

          lol no poker gifts for me.


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            Interesting day of poker. Guess you've got to take the good with the bad. Well, I'm now 0-1 ITM and FT's in live tournies, but all in all, wasn't as bad as it could have been (just lost the buy-in, as I won a bounty to cover my bounty chip price). I got the short straw from the beginning in this one. Lost 1/2 my stack in the second orbit. Had UTG+1 and the next player limp, so when it came to me with AKo, I made a std raise that was called by both of those players, plus the button and BB. Flop A 3 7 It was checked to me and I made a 70% of the pot c-bet. It was only called by the CO (calling station... more from this ATC guy later) and the BB. Turn was a rainbow 2. BB checked, I made a value bet that was called only by the BB this time. River was a 5. I make another value bet that is called by the BB...... call, not raise. Guy turns over 44. Three orbits later, I get JJ from UTG. I use a std opening raise that is called by the button (the table calling station that folded about three times preflop in the two hours I was in the tourney) and the SB. Flop A A K and the SB that was the table nit makes a pot bet. Muck city from me. CO calls his bets all the way down and CO shows K3s, SB had AJ. Three orbits later, I'm looking for a place to shove, as I'm down to about 10BB. Get QQ UTG and shove. Player to my left shoves (had 500 chips less than me) and our shoves are called by, imagine this, the table calling station. The surprise here is the BB, the lowest stack left in the tourney mucks 10's and shows them. The guy to my left has AKs and the calling station has J7o. I get a Q on the turn, more than triple up and get a bounty. I then go card dead for about 20 minutes, as the lower stacks were in shove/fold mode and avoided many of the hands due to that... and because I didn't get even remotely anything to play. I finally get 99 UTG with just under 15BB left and a blind increase basically as soon as I get thru them. Figured it was a shove/fold and went with it. Everyone mucks until we get to the table calling station that calls (doesn't over-shove to isolate me, just calls.. go figure). I had only seen the guy showdown one decent hand all night... and he immediately shoved preflop with it (AQs). The guy just called, so I knew he didn't have a great hand and he turns over 8 10 hearts. I figured that was much better than it could have been, as he only had one overcard to me and not two of them. Flop K 4 10. I also knew that the table had seen me showdown AK with an A flop, QQ, KK and my other hands that I played and didn't show were JJ, AQ, AKs and a bluff from the button (all raised preflop with)... so I had good table cred and knew anyone without a premium hand wouldn't call the 99 shove other than the station. The tourney had 30 players and paid the top 3 ($1080 to win it) and I probably could have scraped my way to a final table, but if I did that and didn't chip-up, would have needed a miracle run to get ITM and have a shot to win, as I'd have probably been 8th or 9th stack at it. Then I got into a 3/6 full kill limit game. I got to play for a little over an hour before the table broke up (was ready to play for 3-4 hrs at least, but the two limit tables broke up with a few min of each other..... they had eight 1/2 NL tables running, but didn't feel like buying in for $200 for those right then and the 3 tables that had seats were maniac tables that the others were leaving for the other 1/2NL tables. The first 20-25 min, didn't win a single hand. Was in a good number of pots (probably about 2/3's of them) as I was getting cards, but couldn't get anything to connect. The guy 2 seats to my left then won three hands in a row, making 2 kill pots (raised the limit from 3/6 to 6/12). In the 2nd kill pot, the whole table limped to me on the button with 33, so I joined the bunch to see if I could flop a set. Flop.... A 3 9 BINGOumbup: Every street, including the flop got checked to me, so I gladly bet each street that was called by 2 others all the way down (one had AK, other hand A6 for 2 pair). I then won a few smaller pots, being up a bit, but not a lot. On the next to last hand, I had 2 pair that ran into a set and lost some..... but... ended the hour up $19. I definitely need to be playing more limit games the next time I go to Vegas. That's for certain. Trip ended up good too, as this morning before we left, I played a deuces wild video poker machine and made back the rest of it with interest. 5 5 2 5 2 and five aces, or five 3's-5's had a bonus payout, on top of the normal five of a kind payout. I guess if you spend 2 days in two casinos and at the end of the trip, from all the different things I played, if I've got $30 more in my wallet now, than when I left, it's definitely a good thing.

            6 Time Bracelet Winner


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              Sounds like you would've ripped apart the MTT had the cards gone your way. AK seems like the kind of hand that would've made your tourney had it held. Definitely go back. Glad you ended with a surplus, even if it wasn't quite the win you were hoping for. If you get table draws like this in the NLHE games all year though, I don't think you'll have much trouble meeting your goals. Let us know how the other trips go. umbup:


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                I need to make my own goals too

                This type of goals will make you see if your improving or not

                I will make my own monthly goals first because a year is so loooonnngggg...

                Nice read Teacher



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