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Panicky's Goal Thread (Jan.-Feb.)

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  • Panicky's Goal Thread (Jan.-Feb.)

    With a nod to Sandtrap, I'm going to start a goal thread of my own. I hate being tied down to lofty goals and overambitious plans, so I'm going to do this in two month installments. I want to finish what I commit to starting, and I might not do that if I try tackling a whole year at once. My overall hope, though, is to become a profiting poker player who continues to have fun playing the game. Since I'm studying SNG's at the moment, I figure I might as well make my goal about winning at SNG's. If this goes well, I'll continue with a March through April installment of my goals, too.

    Main Goal

    Become a solid, winning STT regular

    -Hourly rate of $5/hour
    -Four-tabling at least
    -1,000 tournament sample size
    -Before 2013

    Step 1: Play

    Master $7 Turbo STT's

    -Six-table ~1000 games in January and February
    -Play for at least three hours per day, five days per week, and six hours on Saturday
    -Move up in stakes if I have at least 65 BI's

    Step 2: Learn

    Spend at least 10 hours per week intensively studying STT strategy

    -Review my hand histories each weekend and look for leaks to plug
    -Use PSO resources, including Live Training, the Library, and Pro Videos
    -Read books and quality articles
    -Do not study at times when I'm not focused and awake

    Step 3: Focus

    Keep my mind fresh so that I don't tilt or burn out

    -Do not overextend myself; take a few days off when I need to (and I will)
    -Do not play into the night when I'm tired and need sleep
    -Spend time every day enjoying other hobbies, as well
    -Remember that losing games doesn't mean I'm a bad player; it happens to everyone
    -Have fun!
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    good plan dudeumbup:
    Poker Rule #1....Never listen to me...hiccup

    7 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Thanks. I just realized that if I can work my way up to a 10% ROI at the $7 knockout turbos, playing 250 games per week, that would net me $655 and would just fall short of making me a GoldStar every month. That's pretty sick.

      This would actually be pretty worth it even if I need to commit a year to get there. I guess we'll see.
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        Good Luck on your goal and have a prosperous new year 2012.


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          GREAT goals Panicky umbup: Keep us posted on your progress umbup:


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            Thanks guys. I will post updates.


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              Update #1:

              I'm up $20 (about 14 BI's) from $45 to $65 since I started this thread, and it's not even January yet.

              If I get to $140 before January, I might have to start above than the $1.50 games. So... I might be halfway to my goal before I even start.


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                Good job But don't forget, variance will show up at one point umbup:


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                  Three things:

                  1) Your goals look solid to me. Last go around you pushed too hard too fast, but pace looks more reasonable now. It isn't a bad idea to think about how long your goals should take, but a focus on bankroll and ROI/profits is good.

                  2) Do you know if anyone is showing a 10% or greater ROI at the $7 SnGs? Are you 100% certain it is possible? If so, exactly what skill level, in your opinion, is required to achieve those results?

                  3) I don't have time now, but I should have an awesome post coming up that contains a kickass cheatsheet I made for SnGs using the PSO course.


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                    Originally posted by RockerguyAA View Post
                    2) Do you know if anyone is showing a 10% or greater ROI at the $7 SnGs? Are you 100% certain it is possible? If so, exactly what skill level, in your opinion, is required to achieve those results?
                    I've read that in the turbos, a 5% ROI is definitely achievable, and a 10% ROI might be on the high end, but that was somewhat old info, and I think it was for higher stakes than the $7 games. I should probably do some more reasearch on that.


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                      $45 doubled up to $90. I've had a few disappointing streaks so far, but nothing more than five games or so. Still feels bad when it happens, though.


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                        Link to a thread I made about the sit and go reference sheet. Hopefully you will find it useful Panicky, as well as everyone else here at PSO!

                        Very nice on the bankroll double up. Looking forward to where this takes you.


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                          Up to about $124. Hitting a 60 game breakeven stretch, which sucks since I've only played about 160. These are mostly from the past three days.

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                            I've finally hit $140 to move up to the $3.50 STT's. Let's hope they're no harder to beat than the $1.50 games. I think my game is a bit off, because for awhile I fell into a pattern of bubbling almost every game, and now I seem to be in a pattern of mincashing. I fixed my bubble strategy (I wasn't tightening up like I should have, and I was aggressing too much on the passive players who don't understand bubble play), but I'm obviously not totally amazing if I can't beat the $1.50's with ease. I'm thinking that in the new year, I might subscribe to a training site specializing in SNG play, so that can be where my 10 hours of study a week (or possibly more) come from. Here's some info from HEM: Games played (this week): 233 ITM: 53% ROI: 18.5% Winnings: $65 Time Played: 50.5 hours (a tad over my initial commitment to 20 hours) Hourly Rate: $1.29 (about one-quarter where I want it to be) I'm running 23/20/6, Agg:4.5, Agg%:21 I've mostly four-tabled, but I drop down to three, two, or one if I need to focus on one table in particular (e.g. during heads-up play). I have been putting in my study hours reading Moshman's Sit 'n Go Strategy, and watching Spacegravy's PSO videos. So far, I'm on track with my goals for the new year. umbup: Edit: Forgot to mention, next stop is $280 for the $7 STT's, and my stoploss for $3.50 is $105. As a variance-reducing measure, I think I'll continue to play the $1.50's mixed in with the $3.50's for awhile until my roll picks up to $175 or so.
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                              Just played my first one to see what it'd be like. Went HU with an absolute luckbox drooler who got in with the worst of it and stacked at least three players holding premium pairs. I slaughtered him.



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