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  • Bet sizes

    This is something i've never been able to make sense of or see the point to it.

    A couple of examples. I'm railing the Sunday million and there's an open to 200k then a raise to 444,444. Why not make it 450k or 500k

    Another tournament I saw an 800 open get raised to 1,666.

    What exactly are these sizes meant to accomplish?

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    3 reasons for odd bet sizing.

    Although the examples you give are reraises, when open raising some players will reduce the size of this is in relation to the blinds as the tournament increases. This is because as the tournament increases, the blinds become bigger relative to the average chipstack, therefore a 2.3BB raise in late tourney should achieve the same as a 3BB raise earlier. The savings to be made are quite important late on.

    Also, an odd bet size is more visually intimidating as the stack that appears (an 8,888 stack especially) is quite large due to all the different chips used.

    It can also be to intentionally signal that a player has really thought about their bet size. This can be an attempt to represent strength (will work more at a table who is not paying attention or if new to the table).


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      Often times Ausbas, bet sizing is based on a percentage of the pot. There are quite a few standard bets sizes. Example:

      2.2 times BB for a pre flop raise.
      66% pot for a 3bet.
      50% pot for a C-Bet

      On line you will tend to see weird number because people can pre-set these sorts of bet sizes, and it simply takes a single click to make them happen. The game client automatically calculates the pre-set number, and makes the bet. Sometimes this results in weird numbers you see.

      In live play, adding an odd denomination chip or 2 to a bet can make tracking the actual pot size difficult for an opponent. If the opponent loses track of the pot size, he cannot ask the dealer to count it; all he can do is ask the dealer to spread the pot out and count it himself. Doing anything you can to help add to an opponent's confusion is good for you.

      Double Bracelet Winner


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        Thanks you two, that does make sense. I've just always had the thought that keeping your raises the same amount makes them harder to detect, that's what i've been doing. Always raising 4x the BB whether i'm bluffing, have a suited connector or a pair preflop.

        To be honest i'd never even considered Pentires description of 3bbs early equaling 2.3 bbs late. It just always felt whenever I raised 3x the bb I was getting called a hell of a lot by marginal hands.

        I've never found the big stack size bet intimidating which is what confused, since on the client I have the numbers next to the bet, I was just seeing 8,888 and wondering why they didn't bet 9k.


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          You can set these "odd" bet amounts yourself in the main PokerStars lobby under Options>bet slider options. You can set preflop raises to any BBx (to the tenth) amount and post flop to any percentage of pot you wish.


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            maybe his hoping for eight to come,
            got set of eight
            eight outs



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