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Setting goals in poker

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  • Setting goals in poker

    Setting goals in poker
    Setting up goals doesn't necessarily mean monetary goals, because variance can make a huge dent in your bankroll and besides, variance is not going to be your friend. Also, too many goals aren't good. Look for 3-4 items you would like to work on, for example, being able to understand and analyse your plays, playing positions, which cards to play in which positions, betting value, etc, etc. Whatever you decide to practice to achieve you goals, just remember that concentrated effort brings concentrated results. Don't forget, setting poker goals is basically useless without a plan to achieve those goals. A dream is not a goal, I dream of winning the lottery, but I can't make it my goal. I also dream of winning the WSOP main event, but that is not my goal. Goals must be SMART, (I took this from another site) it stands for, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. Specific could be, quit playing out of position with marginal hands or steal more blinds. Measurable would be base on statistics, such as the number of hands played. Attainable is to have the tools to reach these goals, such as books, videos, etc. Realistic doesn't mean making easy goals, nor making hard goals, that will make you quit halfway, they have to also be fun. And as for Timely, having firm time schedules and dates, you'll be able to track your progress each day, week and each month. The first an most important step, is to look at what happen in 2011. This will help you Which games were the most profitable for you? At what level in cash games were you most profitable? How much studying and reviewing have you done? What are my weaknesses? How much time can I spend on poker a week? Most of the information can be found on sites that do keep statistic or PT3 and Holde'm Manager. What are some of the goals you could look at: - Time, how much time are you willing to spend per day/week/month on poker - Time spend playing poker - Time studying your hands - Time reading, watching videos (studying) - Type of game or games and at what stakes - NLHoldem, Omaha, others - Turbo, regular - SnG's, Mtt's, Cash or satellites. (what about special events) - Money - Bankroll management - Weekly or monthly $$ goals - Daily stop loss or stop win - VPP's - Statistics - Better my ROI every month - More final tables or more cashes (better ITM) Come on everybody Start a new thread with your personal goals and keep updating, post graphs, achievements. I will be posting my goals this week. If you need help, just PM me umbup: PS Mods, could you please make this thread a sticky or create a new section for goals, Thank You umbup:

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    My poker diet For January 2012.

    1. I will actually stick to some idea of bankroll management.
    MTT's 100 buy in's
    SnG's 25 buy in's
    Cash following xxFlixxs rules
    2NL $80
    5NL $200* (I am starting here)
    10NL $400 - Shot at $240
    25NL $1000
    50NL $2000

    2. Study
    I will study 8 hours of Video and or Live training this month.
    I will read / Study (Harrington on holdem volume 1)

    3. Play
    I will play at least ..
    8MTT's this month
    100 SnG's of the same level - (Level to be determined on Jan 1st)
    20 hours of ring games Hold 'em
    4 hours of ring games Omaha

    4. Review
    Each week I will review...
    2 MTT's (if played)
    2 Sn'G's
    2 ring sessions
    Where possible one winning and one losing

    Grade b.
    S- i think each part is specific
    m- measurable -yes
    a-jan i have set based on figures from data in the past month
    r-i think so i even got a copy of the book in PDF so i can feed it in to a talking word processor.
    t- one month January.

    think i'm hot to trot here SandTrap.

    Grade b
    I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

    13 Time Bracelet Winner


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      For 99.9% This is a great Thread, a plan is needed to get to were you want to be, Cheers Sandumbup: As for me, beside being old,stupid and lazy, l'm going to stick to my way, 1 - always have fun 2 - play within my means 3 - remember that l always have something to learn 4 - poker is gambling 5 - you win and lose 6 - it is a game 7 - not reading threads fully, then posting in them...hiccup cheers
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      Poker Rule #1....Never listen to me...hiccup

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        My 2012 Goal

        1.Get a + ROI
        2.Achive a 20% IMT for my stats
        3.Understand the REM and make good use of it.

        Plan to achive it to follow


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          Goals for 2012 First of all Congratulations Sandtrap for getting Member of the week umbup: ... It's actually what led me to this thread and subsequently to reply, so here goes.... 2011, full of promise, lack of time, bankroll and dicipline for me!!! Well here we are in 2012 and the same old dreams are there... yes, I want all the unrealistic things but I also have the belief that anything is possible. (We've all seen 72off beat aces after all) Ok, so I'm actually going to keep this relatively brief for now as it's 06:45hrs here and I need to get some but my main goals at present are... 1) To be more diciplined and stick to my Bankroll Management (make steady progress) I Promise! 2) Read poker magazines & articles for 2hrs a week and watch poker as much as possible (I tend to do this when playing marathon MTT's anyway) 3) Play at least 6 live games this year (Other than the home games with my mates) it's good playing the homegames but invariably I'm playing against the same 8-12 players and by the end of it I'm too drunk to even think straight let alone actually play poker 4) Outside of poker, but important for poker, is to get fitter... I fancy trying pilates so that's one goal, also to learn a language... (undecided between spanish & Portugeise at the moment) and finally a holiday paid for by poker and spending more time with my son. Just on a final note, I've actually devised my own excel spreadsheet to help me keep track of my game and if anyone would like to take a look at it I'd appreciate the feedback... PM me and I'll send it to you. Ok, that's all for now, good luck at the tables and most of all have fun


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            Fantastic!! Just remember, it's work in progress Here are a few tips to make it easier for you 1) To be more diciplined and stick to my Bankroll Management
            - What are the targets for your BR (dropping to a lower stake or stepping up tp the next stake) 3) Play 6 live games - It's good to book them in advance, so that you can be prepared mentally (watch videos and read on tells) - For example, I have one planned in March and one in June 4) Fitness and language....GREAT goals, you need something different then poker Good Luck umbup:



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