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How to WIN the 10A Sunday Million??

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  • How to WIN the 10A Sunday Million??

    Lol, so i bet u guys all thought from my title i had some kinda inside information, wa?

    Nope, WISH i did!!!!

    So ive just got my ticket for the main event this sunday, the mood is good ryt now!!!

    What im wondering is between all the mega players on here who's guna throw out some good strategy and sound advice for a deep run in this mammoth tourney on Sunday??

    What dyu guys reckon? Even to cash in this tourney will be tough, no question!

    So hows about it, we'll start a thread, TOURNEY STRATEGY for the BIG DOG this Sunday...

    Lol, really its me Briany84 looking for help.......

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    Conversely, min cashing in this event will be a lot easier than in almost any other tournament.

    It should be the weakest tournament of the year.

    This tourney will have all of the world's best playing, but also anyone with a passing interest in poker or gambling and $215 to spare.

    Strategy: Watch for who is playing maniacally early and be wary of them, other than that hope to have my A game running.


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      Shove atc early to build a big stack then sit thats a joke but a strategy that will be employed by many in the field.
      Bracelet Winner


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        Lol, not really the kinda strategy i was looking for snookman, im sure a few will be at that, not me.... Guna jus play the cards im dealt, c wat occurs.. Pray for some good luck along the way


        • #5
          Briany - play it like a ukipt div 1 meeting - b'cos your running smooth in that But whats going on in the prem girl ? Like i said - i'm watching your progress - best of luck. B umbup:


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            I would consider folding a ton of hands preflop, maybe work urself down to 12-15% seen flops, and then when u do what to play, 3-bet as much as possible. that should at least get u into the money, how far into the money i wouldn't know o yeah and don't gamble on flush draws with a ultra big stack or within the first hour or two. let the weak players give u the odds to see if u can't complete ur hand, but don't let others have the odds--bet with authority! good luck and peace out!


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              Keep it coming, keep all the advice and strategy coming, we'll have a monster thread by sunday!! lol


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                dont limp in EVER but especially in a big mtt
                Bracelet Winner


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                  Also in the beginning everyone will be super aggro, then it will tighten up. Try to be tight when they are aggro and aggro when they are tight. IMHO if your still alive and want to run deep you MUST attack the bubble then pray for a monster right after the money when a lot of players will be aggro again. Good luck!!!!
                  Bracelet Winner


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                    Eugene Katchalov wrote a little strategy piece on the PokerStars Blog page, that pretty much agrees with what everybody's said so far. There was a little extra bit at the end that seemed kind of interesting ...
                    The best way to approach such an event is probably to realize that you're going to have to get through a ton of people and so taking risks too much from the beginning is probably not the best option. Survival is key in this tournament and looking for really good spots to pick up chips in, is ideal in comparison with random risk taking. Many people will probably be taking risks in the beginning thinking that 50,000 is just too many players to overcome and so they think that getting lucky and picking up a ton of chips early on is crucial to doing well, but I disagree and think you should certainly take advantage of people employing these strategies by playing good hands and trapping them in any way you could.
                    I wish we could here more! How do we do that Eugene? I hear those pros charge big $ to hear their secrets, so I guess you get what you pay for GL on Sunday!! umbup:


                    • #11
                      Play tight, wait for your chance. Not really different from a lot of tourneys. If you hit a run of cards, you're in the money.
                      Bracelet Winner


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                        No more Pearls Of Wisdom outa any1 else? C'mon u guys, i was expecting a wealth of knowledge to fly through this thread!!! Lol..

                        Ahh im only playin about, thanx all for your answers, appreciated loads..

                        Any1 else wana add to this thread be my guest, keep it coming, we want a monster advice thread for what will probably be d Richest Online Tourney alot of us will ever play!!


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                          Briany, How about waiting until you and me are at the same table, then shoving your AA. I'll call with my QQ and hit the miracle straight to double up! umbup: (I did feel bad for at least 2 hands after that)
                          Last edited by Pentire; Thu Dec 15, 2011, 05:01 PM.


                          • #14
                            I literally would need to cash in the $11.00 headsup Saturday or the $27.00 Eliminator, and cash out very high in order to be able to buy a ticket for this event.

                            On the bright side, SCOOP should start not long from now, so I have a couple months to build a bankroll to try and enter that main event !!

                            Best of luck to all PSO players who are playing in the 10A, i will be watching, but alas, I wont be playing. Would be insane to be in that tourney though ........

                            Good Luck all,



                            • #15
                              Pentire i didn't shove bud, i BB pre and shovd d flop, u got lucky, i'll give u that 1..

                              Could do with alot of lady luck on my side for the rest d month, pso prem going BAD!!!



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