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Apology from Ed to holdemace486 & all at PSO

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  • Apology from Ed to holdemace486 & all at PSO

    I would like to make a sincere public apology to holdemace486.

    I very much regret having posted something insulting to another member. I have no excuse and I deplore this type of negative content in the forums. I have received an official warning, and although not banned from forums I will self-censor and not be posting here again for quite a while.

    I would also like to apologise to all PSO staff and members for failing to keep up to the standards I would wish to see in these great forums.

    I wish you all the very best in your poker learning and games.

    Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
    4 Time Bracelet Winner

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    thats nice of you
    your reply to him wasnt that out of hand
    you should see the way some people have torn me up in the past
    I mean it kinda hurt seriously.
    I think all of us get tired of hearing about bad beats.
    To me a bad beat is just the other side of an equation.

    AA wins 85% of time

    85% + 15% = 100%

    the 15 % represents bad beats or the other side of the equation.

    85 + 15 = 100
    15 + 85 = 100

    both equations are true
    when we do lose with great hands
    there are times when we do nothing wrong
    it is what it is
    some times we can see mistakes in our play which increases our chance of losing
    those mistakes are typically not a one time thing
    in other words we play the same way with AA KK QQ
    the manner in which we play them leads to a higher percent of losses than are necessary
    the bad thing about losing more hands than you should with
    AA KK or QQ
    is that the losses are typically super strong
    this can in fact destroy a winning session

    anyways nice of you to make this post
    I dont think what you did was too bad


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      ty did not mean u get a warning m8t said my piece bk so fairs fair sry bk


      • #4
        +1 on being a big enough man to apologize Ed. And I agree with chris,it wasn't THAT out of line what you said. Seen much worse (Hell I've SAID much worse ).

        - 1 on your intent of a self imposed exile/suspension on yourself. Yours is a very valued voice here in the forum and by far one of the most reasonable to boot. One misstep doesn't change that.

        Don't go into the light Ed. Don't go into the light.


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          "I have received an official warning, and although not banned from forums I will self-censor and not be posting here again for quite a while."

          Take it from a true rat bastard your a very valued poster here and IMHO it would be a loss to the forum if you stopped posting.
          Last edited by FLsnookman; Thu Dec 15, 2011, 02:50 AM. Reason: meh
          Bracelet Winner


          • #6
            and stop being so thin skinned Ed toughen up a wee bit laddie


            • #7
              ED, to call myself a pretty inactive member at PSO is a big understatement. (only 1 post lol) But i HAD to reply (my 1st ) to your post. I've been following a lot of posts in the last 2 months and yours have always been the ones I look forward to reading, and there's a lot of good posts from others. I can understand where your coming from, but really sometimes these things happen esp in the heat of the moment. We're all human and you show a lot of love for the game and life. You've been given a penalty for it, damn don't give yourself another one on top. I'm sure everyone else here will feel like they've been given one too if you red card yourself. Chin up shuffle up and deal umbup:


              • #8
                Yes, you should apologize to me. I hadn't seen the post, so I searched for it.

                And found it.

                And almost snorted beer out of my nose.

                That hurt.

                Mmmm beer.

                Yeah, you really have no reason to bench yourself. Unless you feel a serious case of "forum-tilt" coming on.


                • #9

                  sorry to hear you had a stroke.....hiccup

                  your a great part off the forum, get your azz back here,

                  Poker Rule #1....Never listen to me...hiccup

                  7 Time Bracelet Winner


                  • #10
                    sorry ed if my input added to your warning, but just to let u know i like reading your posts and think of u as one of the goodguys on the forums, hope u have a merry xmas m8.



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