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Your Favourite Tournament Payout Structure

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  • Your Favourite Tournament Payout Structure

    Hey peeps,

    Tournaments usually pay out the top 20%, 15%, or 10% of entrants (although there are some games with special structures), and that has an influence on how many buy-ins people get paid when they finish in certain spots. I'm curious how many people here care about their game structure, and the reasons why people like certain ones.

    Personally, I prefer 10% structures, because I hate having to make the final two tables of a 5000 player tournament just to get 10 buy-ins out of my work. I also like timed structures (especially 90 minute ones), because you can spend less than two hours and end up getting 5 buy-ins back. I like a little bit of a grind, but if I'm going to spend hours on one game, I want to make sure that the fun I have is balanced by a substantial monetary reward.

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    If I've got my choice, I'll take the 20% ones. You make a little less if you don't make a deep run, but the extra times I'll cash in them... I'll take it.

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      For someone who's ITM often but not necessarily top money would probably be satisfied with the 20%, as your chances of being in the money is 1 in 5. For the 15% your chances are 1 in 7. Yes you`re right, the higher the % the less you make if you barely make it in the money. But what you have to look at is how often do you finish ITM in late position? If you make the final table once every 100 games, does it really matter if the tournament payed 10, 15 or 20% of the field? Maybe between 10 and 20% yes. Again if you are building a bankroll, maybe you are better of playing in tournaments that pay 20% of the players and once you've achieve a very big bankroll, than you have the necessary bankroll to play higher percentages. Just mu thoughts umbup:


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        I've never really looked at the percentage paid, I'm always looking for the blind structure and how long each level lasts. I guess at this point I would tend to favor the 20% payout since I seem to be able to cash but not run deep very often. This could very well be due to the way I'm playing. A find when I play a lot of different structures at the same time, I make mistakes and use the wrong strategy for the table (playing like it's a deepstack when its a turbo, for example). Hopefully as I get better this won't continue to be a problem. Interesting post, something else to think about. umbup:umbup:
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          If it's 10% or more, I'm not that bothered. Being a freeroller, I don't have my buy-in to worry about, and to me, ITM is the most important thing, for how much is secondary to me, although more is preferable (obviously!).
          If your somewhat deck cold though, 20% would be preferred.
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