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fair or not

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  • fair or not

    i dont think its fair that only ppl playing on cash tables can win milestone hands . whats the incentive for us non cash players. FAIR OR NOT

    it makes me mad and i think im going to quit playing.
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    sometimes i laugh so hard tears run down my leg


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      how can you say its fair. i think that if it was'nt for the non cash players there would'nt be a pokerstars.


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        Originally posted by spa1975 View Post
        how can you say its fair. i think that if it was'nt for the non cash players there would'nt be a pokerstars.

        I think you got that backwards

        sometimes i laugh so hard tears run down my leg


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          Or you were making a joke

          sometimes i laugh so hard tears run down my leg


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            PokerStars are paying out CASH on the milestone hands,

            the CASH comes from the rake on CASH games

            so of course it's fair that play money games are excluded.


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              Whats not fair is my government being paid off by casino owners to tell me I cant spend my already taxed money playing poker online. Thats not pokerstars fault. Does kinda stink that they deny certain features to play money players like player search, but its still the best site to play on.
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                The best reason for the site to pay cash ring games can be found in the definition of two similar terms. If you know the difference, you'll understand.

                Can you define these:

                Poker chips
                Poker cheques

                Definition of the word FAIR:
                1 --- A weather condition
                2 --- A carnival
                3 --- A product of your overactive imagination


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                  If you are playing sng's or mtt's are you not getting what the tourney has promised? Do you not have the same ability or rather opportunity to play CASH?
                  I would agree also that you have things 100% backwards. Cash is where Pokerstars makes their money!

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                    sit n' go and MTT are cash games too!

                    We use the term "cash game" quite wrongly to describe one version of poker (ring games).

                    The cash staked in tourneys is no less real or valuable!

                    Pokerstars does make money off MTTs and SNGs, almost every time you enter a tourney you pay a fee.

                    But Stars has decided this is a ring game promo only. Their decision to make and fair or not is not really relevant (although my own opinion would be that it is not). Their business to run as they see fit.

                    I assume they are fixing things and delaying all non-ring games to ensure the milestone hand doesn't hit on a SNG or MTT.


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                      Again, the reason why tourneys are excluded can be found in the definition of those two terms I listed in my prior post. This has nothing to do with where the site makes money. If you know the difference, you'll understand why SNG, MTT and STT are excluded from the promotion.

                      And yes, the site "games" the promotion to assure only cash tables are selected. This is spelled out in their rules. They delay all other tables.
                      Last edited by Cairn Destop; Sat Dec 10, 2011, 09:05 PM.


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                        Cairn, care to explain the difference between poker cash and poker cheque? I have genuinely not heard of this.

                        I don't see why cash generated from ring games is any more valuable than that generated from tourneys.

                        I obviously hadn't bothered to look and see if they had stated that they were fixing it so it would be a ring game hand.


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                          Poker Chips:

                          These are used in all tournaments. They are also used on all play money tables. By definition, a chip has no value whatsoever. You cannot take it to the cashier and redeem it for money.

                          Poker Cheques:

                          The only place these are used is in ring games. They have a specific cash value and the player can exchange them at any time for money. Next time you go to a casino or card room, listen to the dealers. They will always say "cheque change" when giving you game tokens for your money.


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                            Thankyou for that Cairn. Never heard that before (haven't played poker in a casino).


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                              For anyone thinking about quitting PokerStars because they choose not to sit at cash tables for a chance to hit a milestone hand, I suggest you sign up with FullTilt.

                              Over at FT, you're automatically entered into their promotion of NEVER PAYING YOU YOUR MONEY EVER.

                              What the hell is wrong with people? You don't like the way PokerStars gives away a TON of free money through MTTs, cash tables, promotions, freerolls, PokerSchoolOnline(PSO, ya know, the place you're at...) Well, GTFO. Go to another site and see how much added value they offer you.

                              Then come back here with your tail tucked between your legs.

                              Until then, please don't blow your BR. U.S. players will be back soon. And we really want people that tilt over imagined slights on our tables...



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