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  • Post your best play here

    Just want to make a forum about the best play you did.

    doesn't need that you have a good hand

    you might 3bet with nothing because you have read that villain is raising light

    call with lowest pair or call w ace high because you smelled a bluff

    anything i think this will be an interesting topic and we can learn a lot

    please post also the tournament details. what is the buy-in? late stages?

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    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    after stealing his blinds. he tried to outplay me to my next raise. maybe because im active he didn't give much respect
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    *that's shy if you have stacks you need to keep raising so that you'll get paid when you have premium hands like this


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      this is 3.3r 40k gtd

      forgot to mention the tournament.

      oh yes he did call me with Ace high

      i accepted that he called my turn bet with nut flush draw but he didn't give me much credit when called my all in bet with ace high.

      his nose is not working that time. my aggression got paid.


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        big $11
        Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
        i made a standard steal on the btn big blind defends flop is low, i will cbet with any flop against the big blind defender, he floats turn is K, I checked let's see what happens. big blind checked his option. Here, he checks meaning his weak. if he got something he might as well bet here. rivercard is useless with K again. so i checked my low pair. The big blind bets 400 into 1180 which is 1/3 of the pot. I tank definitely he doesn't have K if he have K he will bet bigger. the 9 is also not an option because he will 3bet if he have the 9. if he have 3 i outckick him and of course if he have 2 my big is bigger so i made a call.


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          This guy was re-raising all in every time i 3 bet and showing me his cards. I waited for ever for a spot like this.


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            Originally posted by m.bisland View Post
            This guy was re-raising all in every time i 3 bet and showing me his cards. I waited for ever for a spot like this.
            Great check postflop to the aggressor and you got paid very nice play m.bisland


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              Originally posted by marvinsytan View Post
              Great check postflop to the aggressor and you got paid

              very nice play m.bisland

              by the way m.bisland. what happened to your tourney? Did you ship it?


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                good steal
                Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
                big 11 late stages after drawing card dead, I thought of at least to make a steal beause I dont like to just keep paying my blinds. I look at my table who's going to give me easy blinds. and then I found one but this is hard to pull off because I don't have a playable hand with 92o. I f someone made the call I really in bad shape because I can't hit anything that willl help me after the flop except 99 22 92, that is the only flop that I can play. So when it got to the player that I want to steal the blinds from I got 92o. I said to myself, fine let's play the player not the card. I raise UTG+1 and they let me walk. Phew. Bravo. like this play. really planned for it and it worked.


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                  so happy playing with the fish-3.5R 180man
                  Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
                  i dont know the sequence but just look at the 4 hands with the same fish the other one is just so unlucky that the bb woke up with the ladies the hand when i have ak in the co normally i would 3bet already but i saw the fish swimming in the big blind why not let him swim here. Not only he swam but he puts himself inside my mouth so easy the othr one when i have T5s in the SB, normally i muk this hand but then again i saw the fish again lingering around the corner. I minraise to isolate the fish becuase i know the BB will not play any hand because he's playing 15 tables. isolated with the fish alreadythe flop helped me a lot cause i hit TP poor kicker i don't care. The only thing im worried about is the draws. and the turn ompleted almost al of the draws i just shove and hope that he didn't hit the draw and pretend i completed my draw. worked again. the other hand at the river i ompleted my straight. im looking what's the best be for max value i an't shove he would definitely fold any pair, ok he's a fish and i thought ok i will make it looks like it's a bluff and of ourse it worked again. im playing good without premium cards this is the how to do it to win it all


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                    i'm in the middle with a decent pocket pair, UG raise light and UG+ limp so i decide to re-raise to represent a monster hand and to thin the field but to my surprise both players on my left limp, sb fold and bb decide to defend. UG fold and UG+1 called. when flop come with 1 over card and they all check, i raise 30% of the pot to represent the K. all fold except the bb trying to defend. turn come 5s and he check. i'm thinking either he has the K or in a draw.since my hand has a showdown value i decide to check until the river and he showed pocket 10.
                    Last edited by PINOY_HITMAN; Sat Dec 17, 2011, 07:38 AM.


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                      Premiere League Tourney... at the bottom and everyone limps so i decide to do a basic steal and i got a tight aggressive image at the table. their limping tells me weak holding and most of the time they fold on my 3x. everyone folds except the small stacks. i flop a set so i check all the way to the river to allow him to catch something to bet or call my raise and he keep checking. i finally raise him at the river and i over bet his stacks so that he think that i was bluffing.



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