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It's not all about winning money

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  • It's not all about winning money

    Yes i know b4 i start there are pso members that are gonna grill me for this so here we go..... the past few days my br has not moved one way or the other it,s stuck Now i know there is questions i can ask myself, Have i changed my style of play, have i changed limits, have i changed table size? Well none of them really apply to me as i play hu+6 seater+fullring cash and sng,s and the odd torney aslong as my bankroll allows it, i personally love the diff types of action depending on what mood i'm in, patient and focused=sng or torney, not much time then its cash for sure, now i am in profit for all game types so i'm not too worried about sticking to 1 form. Now lets look at my br... I,m not a rich guy not many of us are right umbup: I started off with a 20$ br, i know yeah even hard to play in 25c sng,s and 1/2c cash with that br, but i did and grinded away for 2 months then hit 80$, now at this point i had to make a very hard choice my tracker trial is up so what to do i,m only 20$ off getting out of the 1st step of the micros i can move onto 2/5c soon and 50c sng,s but i decided to go with a risky approach and damage my br by withdrawing 50$ to pay for my poker tracker, well this left me with 30$, i have since grinded back upto 42$ but now im stuck, so whats the line i am taking, its this, while i am not adding to my bankroll im also not losing anything so at the moment the poker i play is for free, so i get to learn more, still get to play poker everyday which i could not live without lol i really do love the game, i have poker tracking software thats cost me nothing to pay for im still in profit over 100%. So my approach from now on until i feel any diff is every hour spent at a table is like gold, aslong as you are not losing money alot, then your game needs to be looked at, so every hour i get to tune my poker skillz and apply things that i have learned even though its not building my bankroll up at that time.If your prone to tilt taking this line of thought will keep you calmer at a table, u wont get bored so fast and start off your mighty tilt. There are more ways to win than just building your bankroll its not all about winning money umbup: The pest chief tilter 2011.

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    The biggest thing is to be making the correct decisions at the table... when you are doing this, the profits from playing will happen in the long run.

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