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Corkiepoker helps sleepyolman to final table

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  • Corkiepoker helps sleepyolman to final table

    i want to tell you a really amusing story . The other night 05/12/11, i'm playing in the 7PM(CST) PSO Premier League Tourney and as usual, @ the beginning of the month, I'm busy sending out my monthly congratulations to all who made the TOP 50(First Page of the leaderboard) in the previous month. All of U who has played that well in a month know that i will soon be by to say Hi & wish GL in the current month. So i have sent about 2 or 3 out , really not paying attention to the play in front of me because i must search the top 50 list i make each month(alphabetized) and then search the list of contestants until i find a match and then update my notes, and send the Congratulations, wait for a reply(ty sleepy is normal, if i get one @ all) then say Cya L8r, & leave that table & go hunting for the next.
    So, i came to CORKIEPOKER, Doubleclicked, & up comes the box saying"go to table?"i doubleclick, nothing happens. Already, those of u whose brain is not as hard as cement know what is happening, Right. Not ol'Sleepy. I'm thinking, because my ancient machine(which has a virus of some kind) is misbehaving, I look up because the beep tells me it is time to look at my cards, hit fold cause they're crap as usual, & go back to doubleclicking & once again, nothing. Well, now i'm getting a bit amused by this and go back and do it again, ...nothing.
    Well the beep happens again and i look up to see a nasty pair of threes; Some guy raises to 500, and i fold and then i see ol CORKIEPOKER is sitting at the same dam table & i write DAM, & start to write him my congratulatory message. Of cousre, i don't touch type so i have no idea what is going on at the table, CORKIEPOKER, who, by the way, was very unfriendly with me once before when i told him how much we'd all like to see him get his 150VPPs & take down the whole dam thing next month. "Good Poker player but has some Psycological problems i guess." Then he private messaged me after i published my monthly "HOT NOW"list wanting to know why i didn't give him a special notice for making 4 Final Tables(FTs) in a row & i told him i wasn't even aware.
    But, i digress; Well, the next thing i know is, CorkiePoker said, "did you just signal him to shove?" I was wondering what he was talking about & to whom. I finally got my message typed :
    sleepyolman said, "Corkie, Congratulations om your 7th place last month; GL in Dec )"And he immediately said,
    CorkiePoker said, "Answer my question"
    to which i replied, very puzzled,
    sleepyolman said, "who u talking to ?"
    to which he replied immediately,
    CorkiePoker said, "U"
    Now all the was very strange to me as i was only waiting for his acknowledgment of my Congratulations. But, as soon as he said he was talking to me, I reread what he had said & it seemed to me he was calling me a cheater. Well folks, down here if someone calls another a cheater, someone else need to call the priest to come and give Last Rites. I hope you get my drift. Down here u pull your piece and everybody else hits the floor. First to draw goes home & the other goes to the cemetary....AND, I'm still here......Anyway, he says,
    CorkiePoker said, "I'm nobody's punk"
    to which i replied,
    sleepyolman said, "i;m too old to put up w that krap here in league"
    AND, unfortunately, i was moved to another table so i can't show u the spew that came from me in the next 10-?? minutes about how rude he was staining my reputation in PSO. I swear i thought i was gonna have a heart attack; but after a while i somewhat calmed down and took down a 9th (which could have been better if not for my hyper state).
    Now, in reality, i guess i should thank the "slanderer" for getting my blood pressure up to the point where my brain could properly function well enough to get to the final table
    So, if any of u have any interesting stories to tell about CORKIEPOKER, I'd love to hear them.
    Over & Out
    (& up 76 points

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    Way to go sleepy!

    And you keep putting those young whippersnappers in their place.


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      idanmo said: gl man.
      sleepy said DAM.
      sleepy folded.
      idanmo shoved.


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        Originally posted by annie_22at90 View Post
        Way to go sleepy!

        And you keep putting those young whippersnappers in their place.
        I can almost guarantee that I'm older than you. There are no young whippersnappers here.



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