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  • Multitabling

    What kind of computer set up hardware/software and internet connection is needed to 24 table?

    I tried to do this on my laptop but my games kept freezing up. By the time the tables unfroze I was already timing out on some hands on the other tables.

    I have tried playing online games other than poker on my laptop also but it just shuts off completely.

    Is it my computer causing these freeze ups or my internet connection.

    My internet connection is not so good either. I sometimes have to pause streaming videos because they keep stopping while it waits to buffer.

    Just wondering if anyone here knows anything about this?
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    I've never 24 tabled, but do know a few things about PC's.

    From what you say, in my eyes, it could be either. I'd take a look at one thing first, for certain, on your computer, especially if it's a laptop, as laptops normally have considerably less memory than a desktop.

    If it is your computer, it's probably going to be that your system does not have enough RAM (random access memory). This could be on either the system board or with your graphics card (if you enen have one and that's not built into the main system board). On most computers the amount of RAM is really what controls the speed of how it runs and not the processor.

    The way to test to see if this could be the problem is that before you set up the multi-table the next time, do this. Hit control/alt/delete at the same time (if on XP it will bring up the task manager immediately, if on windows 7, then you'll need to hit 'start task manager' to get this up). Click on the performance tab. This will bring up what the current CPU usage is. Move this to one corner of the screen, so that you can continually see it when you start loading up tables. Open your tables and see what happens to that %. If opening more and more tables takes that number to a very high %, then you're using up all the capability of the computer. If that number doesn't start going above 80%, then it's not going to be the amount of memory that is limiting you.

    Using up all the computer's memory can happen very easily, especially if you're playing any graphics-intensive game (could be what's happening with other online games).

    What you can do to help with this is to not have anything else on your computer running at the time, other than the program that you're using (the pokerstars client, if you're multitabling).

    If it's not your computer's memory, then it'll be your wireless card or router you're card's connecting to. These come in all different types/speeds, along with whatever router you're connected thru (try to make sure that whatever network router you're connecting thru, if at home, that you're the only computer connected to it at the time). In the task manager, there is also a networking tab. You can see how much of the capability of it is being used from there too (forget exactly what it looks like on XP, but it will give a % of how much is being used on windows 7).

    The waiting to buffer for videos WILL be from a combination of your internet connection and from the host server's speed (how many people are connected to it at a given time... the more connected, the slower it will go out to you).

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      Hi pokerstar671,

      There are many contributing factors as to why you are experiencing this lag on your laptop, and JWK24 has provided the most optimal answer for increasing the overall performance of your laptop.(ctrl+alt+delete, then click processes and end task of all programs that you are not using)

      I suggest that you switch to a desktop set up when playing 24 tables, also you might want to consider a DVI/VGA set up(this is where you can use your TV as a computer monitor through your laptop/desktop via DVI/VGA box converter) as this could alleviate a lot of matters when mass multi-tabling(it'll make the tables appear to be a lot bigger along with the whole cards) other than purchasing costly new gear for your computer etc...

      You can purchase a DVI/VGA converter box at any CDR-King here in the Philippines for about 1,500php/$35!! Very affordable!

      I do not know which table view you choose when playing(tiled, cascade, stacked, I prefer stacked) but for the mean time until you can resolve the frequent lag of your laptop, try stacking the tables as that might help the overall tax that is put on your video card/RAM.

      As for your internet connection, go with Smart Bro Plan 999, it is only 999php/$25 a month!!FTW That is my current broadband provider and they're absolutely solid when it comes to overall connection and value for money.

      I regularly 24 table on PokerStars, and what I have mentioned above is my entire setup, it's practical and cost affordable.
      DVI/VGA converter box(TV as computer monitor)+Smart Bro plan 999+ alt,ctrl,delete = LET'S GET IT ON!!!

      Good Luck at the tables,

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        Whoa thanks guys this is awesome info!

        @JWK I will try to do what you said above I didn't even know you can do that. Thanks man.

        I will look into getting those things your talking about.

        Also your using smart bro! I hate that internet provider to much bs. I have globe tatoo its way better it works almost anywhere I travel and has never dropped and I dont have to sign any monthly contract like smart bro. But right now I'm on a cable connection mainly.

        Anyways you guys are great thanks for the help.
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          I along with Pokerstar appreciate the advice. I have a desk top and was going to experiment with play money on multi tabling more than 4 tables, which is what I have been comfortable with playing real money games where I am now.

          I don't have internet problems with playing on my poker site but the advice will be helpful when a situation presents itself, or another fellow player has these same issues.



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