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Opening ranges and discipline

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  • Opening ranges and discipline

    I watched Spacegravy's video series and I am really somewhat confused about opening ranges; well maybe not confused but more indecisive.

    He mentions to open for a raise A9 suited through AK (plus pocket 9s upwards) in late position and I have been advised that this is only for suited, A9, A10, AJ, AQ, no other broadway cards are mentioned. Now I realise hands like KQ suited can get you into trouble if you do not have a strong post flop game but I find myself asking is it really sensible to be burning cards like AQ and AJ off in good position if no action or opens have been made before you.

    Certainly AQ, AJ and A10 off were previously part of my range for SnGs and tournies and wouldn't you know that as soon as I stopped playing them I start hitting real monster hands if I had. Now my initial thought was that somewhere in the bowels of Pokerstars, there is this nasty little man, who decides that the cards will hit as soon as I stop playing them, but why the hell would anyone but me be interested in my freeroll and 1$ tourney forays.

    On a more serious note however, I think these cards are playable, that they are worth opening but is opening them too loose?

    I really want to get the feedback of others on the thoughts of opening ranges; do you actually have an opening range?, or are you more like I am and open as the fancy takes you? Personally, i just find it so difficult to stay focused and disciplined, to not take a wee peak here, not to raise someone with air here, or not to fire four barrels with pocket 3s, fully knowing that the other person knows I am completely crushed. I suppose it is like gambling at the horses which I used to do quite a lot of, and fairly big punting as well, I could not bring myself to back the odds on favourite that everyone knew would win, I had to and have to rail against the machine.

    I am convinced that this is not just a huge leak in my game but in a lot of new player's games for Tournies and SnGs. For those that have self control, maybe they could give the rest of us floundering in the cellars of the Poker world the key to actually how they maintain it, how they make it work, how they hit that fold button when everything in their emotions is shouting raise, or how they raise when the seeds of doubt are pulling you like a magnet to the check or fold key. If I could just solve this conundrum I really believe I could take huge strides forward with my game.

    Thank you for any thoughts, advice or suggestions.



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    for me, alot goes into reads and how the opps are playing. If I'm in late position and the pot's unopened, I WILL play AQ or AJ suited or off, but the one I don't play alot on the list is A9.
    KQs I'll play some too, but you've got to be a good post-flop player with it, as you can be easily dominated.

    Needless to say, if I'm opening the pot, I'm not limping and the wider the range of hands you open with.... the better you better be at playing post-flop. Also, better if you're up against a blind, instead of someone in even later position than you... so you have position on them after the flop.

    I'd bet the reason for the AQ or AJ is that you don't want to be in late position and have the seat to act after you show up with AK or AQ (to your AJ) and 1-up you... making for a very big problem.

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      I assume you're referring to the SnG Series - Part 1.

      Assuming here, again, that as the series goes on and the blinds go up, his suggested ranges will widen.

      Seems alot of pros advocate really tight for the first levels and opening up as the blinds increase.


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        Yes it is sensible u have to remember he played turbos and 20 tables so over the long run these hands will win more times than not over big volume of games in unopened pots against a players limped range.Say if a player VPIP is 75% and urs is 22% u know that ur range is gonna be ahead of him so thats why u raise up the unopened pot and overtime u will have far more equity against that type of players range.umbup: No opening them is not too loose because in an unopened pot these r GREAT hands fit into 22% range bracket. Personally i will open any hands up to 40% range bracket in an unopened pot but id recommend sticking to 22% of hands or there about.40% is way too high and thats why i loseNow if i stuck to 20% or there abouts i might be winning more
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          ok say there are 10 seats
          law of averages dictates you win once per ten hands

          law of large numbers dictates that a fair coin tossed 1 million times will be
          500,000 heads and 500,000 tails over time

          so if a coin toss is 50/50

          my coin is
          yours is
          72 off suit
          lets toss that coin 1 million times

          add into that position and smart starting cards and you always have a coin toss balanced in your favor



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