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Short stats question

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  • Short stats question

    This is my first month here on Pokerstars (I did play about 2 months on FT about 2 years ago).

    I started using PokerTracker 3 to monitor my stats, and I have a question about BB/100.

    I was really confused about it, because I thought BB = Big Blind. But after checking with the PT3 stats guide, I realized that BB = 2*Big Blind.

    I couldn't find why is that... Does someone know?

    Thanks in advance,


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    There is big blind bb, and big bets BB


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      Originally posted by roomik17 View Post
      There is big blind bb, and big bets BB
      Thanks Roomik!

      I think I may have not formulated the question well.

      Why are they monitoring Big Bets per 100 hands and not Big Blinds?


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        I thought BB=big blind on PT3


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          this should help


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            Originally posted by roomik17 View Post
            That's spot on, thanks!!! umbup:


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              no problem, I needed to re-read it again too lol


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                Yeah seems to be big bets per 100 hands for straight up historical reasons. It is a better way to measure your 'skill edge' though, compared to calculating your hourly $ win rate(since you kind of need to consider rakeback at higher stakes when calculating your profits).


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                  In a fixed-limit poker game, a big bet (BB) is the larger of two fixed bet amounts. A big bet is used in the final rounds of a game to increase the pot amount and thereby enable the possibility of a bluff. Big bets are generally double the wager of the initial or small bet. Any multi-round poker game can use big bets to standardize wagers while maintaining a sufficient risk-ratio to encourage bluffing. Casino poker tables use big bets to set a limit to the amount of money a patron can lose in each wager.

                  In a $2/$4 Texas hold 'em game, the big bet would be $4, wagered in each bet of the last two cards. The $2 would be the small bet, wagered during all other bets of the game. Given that a small bet is generally half of a big bet and that a small blind is generally half of the small bet, the minimum BB in casino style holdem is four cents.

                  SB = 1/4 bet Big Blind = 1/2 bet ....... flop = 1/2 bet .......Turn = 1 full bet or turn = a Big Bet ........ river = Big Bet
                  Big Bet and Big blind are not same
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