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  • Ethics

    There is far too much disrespect towards players in multiple games.
    Some players believe that they are the best poker players and lash out at others if they lose a hand.
    I have done this a few times myself.
    I now know that I made a mistake calling others; “Donkey, Fish, Bingo player etc”
    Others are far more insulting and disrespectful.
    Sometimes these insults are turned into threats and that should not be acceptable.
    Although I have not been a victim to these attacks, I think that poker ethics should be established at the tables.

    For me personally;
    To all the players reading this; I am sorry if I was disrespectful to you at anytime.
    Thanks to the poker school I am learning more and I know others have to learn more also.

    So I ask;
    What is your opinion of Poker etiquette at the tables?

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    Some times I get alittle dyslexic and read Ethics as Ethnics! Ok most of the time I do that,one of those words that trips me up.

    If you dont say it in a live game then you shouldnt be saying it at a online table.

    Little experience I had one time taught me a good lesson.
    Was playing a STT and we where on the bubble. Player was shoving garbage and exploiting there edge of us nits trying to get itm. I finally got a hand and this player chased to the river but didnt put me all in.
    I proceeded to go up one side of them and down the other. Was multi tabling and had a player at the same table on another table. He mentions never seeing me say anything usually and was wondering what got me so hot,that moment I realized I had shown that I tilt and he could exploit it if he saw me get a bad beat from a bad player. Now I dont have chat on at all,even disabled the bubbles.
    Im some one that gets thrown off if engaged at a table as you can see here in this forum.
    Its why I dont surf this forum when I am on a serious grind. The wrong words can get me hot and I will get distracted.

    Less info some one has on you the better and chat is a big tell. Donks love to show their hands and chat at the table. So I do my best to keep the situation in control.
    That said I do give off reverse tells and some times my posts are not what they seem.


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      i have been called just about every name a person can be called in my childhood days, and so nothing phases me. if someone wants to act like they have a pole stuck up their ass then they can do that. my policy is--if u start with me, then i think it's perfectly ethical to call them names back. most of the friends i used to make at the tables generally started out as enemies, anyway. at the end of the day, 99.9% of the people don't really mean to hurt u. it's just all in the fun of the game. when the cards are in the air, the language can get pretty dirty, but it really isn't as bad as it might seem when ur a passive observer. that's y i don't just observe--i participate! and i don't mind if people are a little put off by it. most people don't have a clue what they're talking about, and if they're using it as an insult, then im gonna point it out *shrugs*



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