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PSO Merchandise???????????????

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  • PSO Merchandise???????????????

    Lately, it seems like an increasing number of members of PSO are entering B&M tourneys, including a lot of what I would call "medium profile" events, $200+ entry and above. And either we're just "running good" or the school is having an impact when we hear chino win two tourneys in a single day in Vegas, jmuzzey cleaning up in Rockford, my minor exploits at Lucky Chances, the list goes on and on...

    And although I for one would wear a tastefully designed PSO hat or T-shirt, I still find much to MY TOTAL AMAZEMENT that there are no such things available. We talked about hats, T-shirts, chip markers (spinners I think they are sometimes called) a long, long time (like a year) ago, and still nothing.

    PSO is leaving a lot on the table here, marketing-wise. I realize that everyone's bandwidth is limited, but I bet that there are some members that have the creative talent to design something (I would like the spinner the most actually) and then it's not a lot of work to get it contracted out for production. Heck, you could make a cheap spinner by just having some poker chips made with the design in them.

    WPO final at Lucky Chances is coming up on Sunday...and I still haven't decided if I am going to sell my seat or play...if only I had a PSO hat...

    and PSO didn't even have to pay for my seat ...

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    Hi Wiscer: Tina I know for a fact that she is looking into purchasing PSO merchandise.

    My cousin handles this sort of thing & Tins is diligently looking into it with him.

    I am sure that if anything to that affect is at all possible she will be doing something about it. At the moment Tina is quite busy I am sure so give her a little time.



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      Pockets A Must!!

      As Wiscer states, "a tasteful t-shirt" would be great. But personally I'lll only buy & wear a T-shirt with a POCKET!!

      And pockets seem to be getting harder & harder to find.

      In fact, while buying a pocket-T at a dive shop in Hawaii a few weeks back, I mentioned how much I liked the pocket.

      The sales LADY said she also preferred pockets on women's shirts - and how hard it was to find them.

      Just a suggestion.


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        :lol: a white baseball cap, and I'll loan you my black magic marker. Instant recognition or what and cheap at twice the price. :wink:


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          Originally posted by beeker
          :lol: a white baseball cap, and I'll loan you my black magic marker. Instant recognition or what and cheap at twice the price. :wink:
          Where the heck do you buy a white baseball cap?

          And I did say "tastefully designed" :lol:


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            KuKluxKlan-R-Us, where else? :twisted:


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              I didn't think they used baseball caps, but what the heck do I know...I grew up in VT...pretty white there.


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                :wink: It's part of the informal attire. Wink, wink, nod, nod. :wink:


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                  I kind of like the spinner idea myself.

                  I'm wondering if a PSO T-Shirt mybe like wearing a bounty?

                  would be interested in responses.



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                    I am currently looking into the merchandise side of PSO and will let you know the outcome, as soon as i have some answers.




                    • #11
                      I'm with Blind Bat!!! POCKETS!!! Please!!!!



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