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Coincidence or ?

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  • Coincidence or ?

    I was just wondering if anyone else has ever noticed how many multiple pocket pairs get dealt in PSO tournaments

    eg: one round of pocket pairs dealt: AA vs KK vs JJ vs 1010 vs 22......are you kidding me!

    The funny thing about that particular hand was the big stack at the table had the Ducks and took it down with a third deuce on the river and then I was instantly whooshed off to another table by the magical PSO fairies.

    I have seen this type of incredible coincidence on numerous occasions since joining Pokerstars and PSO earlier this month. I realize I am new here and have not experienced a great deal of hands or played multiple months in the PSO Open league to be voicing my opinion negatively. But it makes a person wonder if there is a greater power at work here controlling the play and making sure these tournaments get done in a more timely fashion.

    I can understand a few pocket pairs getting dealt to players on any given hand at any given time but to see it happen time and time again with so many pockets pairs being turned up for a showdown makes a person wonder whats really going on. Call it what you will, some will call it luck, variance or whatever your choice of words might be to describe this incredible coincidence.... I have my own theory of whats really going on here, but to type it out here will most likely get this post deleted from what I have read in a few other threads I have come across. So with that being said I will tread lightly and be on my way for now.......


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    Try playing live a bit. You'll see this sort of thing happening coming from your own hands occasionally. What about all those hands dealt where no-one has any more than 9 high off? Of course, you never see them as everyone folds out of position and the pot gets taken down without showdown.

    Only an idiot would run a successful poker site, then tamper with the random number generator. By far a poker site's biggest asset is it's goodwill. I fail to see why anyone would jeopardise that to fix any tourney let alone a freeroll.


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      You may want to take a look at these two links.

      Those things seem to happen more online, but it's because you're being dealt alot more hands than live games.... the odds are 100% identical.

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        i completely agree with you ,constant coolers and big hands you cant fold,i keep hitting huge on the flop and off cause they higher set etc,pairs pairs pairs all the time off cause and its not how many hands u play because i account the variance of that 2 ppl in a pot and always hit off cause lollll


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          I dont have a stake either way in this argument but I really dislike people being called idiots
          for questioning online play! Its healthy to ask questions,as that is how we learn.

          I will tell you that I have been around online gambling long enough to know that everything is not always what it seems. All you have to do is look at how the main competition went about things to realize that issues do come up.

          Any one remember BetonSports? Not a plug the site is defunct!!
          I had my personal info sold when that site went under and had to change my phone number due to
          so many sites marketing to me. They ran off with the money in our accounts as well.

          So I keep one eye on the play and one eye on whats being shuffled in the back.
          That is not to say Pokerstars is crooked,just that every one should do due diligence when it comes to these things.

          The more people call people idiots the more that person voices their problem. Open communication is the best way to deal with any one that has issues.

          Most likely get a warning for voicing my opinion here as well.


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            Where in this post does anyone call another member an idiot?

            You are starting to see things in your paranoia.

            I suggested that the owner of a poker site would be an idiot to rig the rng and potentially lose it's goodwill.


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              Is that a dig or you really think that comment is in reference to your post?

              Take a look at any posts lately and you will see that people are not very friendly with members that have this thinking.


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                Only use of the word "idiot" was in my post, so yes.

                You make some good points about PSO. You devalue this by joining in with every conspiracy post going though.


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                  I was trying to think of a good word that wouldnt get me in trouble,so I scrolled up and used

                  There you got me.

                  Im not joining in,just didnt like how these kinds of posts where being deleted.The ones that stayed seem to have a real negative edge to them.
                  Think if you talk to people you can slowly get them to see its not all gloom and doom with online.



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