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How would u guys have played this hand??

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  • How would u guys have played this hand??

    Hello team pokerstars. I'm not sure if i played the following hand right and wanted some advice from the best out there.
    I’m on a 9 man SNG, 7 players eliminated, I was HU against a somewhat passive opponent. Stack sizes were even (6725), the blinds were 200/400.
    - Preflop: I was dealt Kc6d on the BTN and opened for 1125, he calls.
    - The flop comes 5KKr, he checks, I bet 1000, he calls (I thought he put me on a bluff).
    - The turn comes a 3, I bet 2000 and he shoves, It made my head spin since he was not a raiser. I was pot committed so I called.
    - The river is a 10. He turned pocket 3s giving him a full house. Did the hand played itself and was it inevitable, or did i value bet too big, did i get unlucky... Was this fullhouse impossible to read, i mean i thought the turn card was a brick and he was floating me, putting me on a complete bluff. I was hoping he had pocket Aces.
    Just wanted to know how u guys would’ve played this hand to avoid getting destacked. Thanks a lot.

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    by the way no flush or straight on the board so I was wary of calling, 'cause the only thing I could beat at this point was a stone cold bluff by a passive opponent??? not likely, I had to make a crying call knowing I was beat


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