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Anybody interested in a poker diet?

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  • Anybody interested in a poker diet?

    We all know that eating at any time of day, anything and everything at any cost makes us gain weight just like a lot of us have been playing any game at any time at any cost. So why not go on a poker diet or as most of us call it, POKER GOALS? I've been playing SnG's at different stakes, turbo, regular, 50/50's, 9, 18 27 man and rebuy's, same goes with Mtt's and satellites. I also play cash games at different stakes, short and full tables, CAP, 20BB etc. So what am I really good at? So I decided to work on my 2012 goals, since we still have just over a month to write them down. If anybody is interested, I would like you to join me in setting goals for 2012 and posting on a regular basis our progress, results and achievements. But first, we need to understand how to set up realistic goals. Most of us here at Poker School Online are amateur, so what are realistic goals? Realistic goals need to be attainable and measurable. Now of course, if you are just starting to play poker, you don't have much to go on. What are some of the goals you could look at: - Time, how much time are you willing to spend per day/week/month on poker - Time spend playing poker - Time studying your hands - Time reading, watching videos (studying) - Type of game or games and at what stakes - NLHoldem, Omaha, others - Turbo, regular - SnG's, Mtt's, Cash or satellites. (what about special events) - Money - Bankroll management - Weekly or monthly $$ goals - Daily stop loss or stop win - VPP's - Statistics - Better my ROI every month - More final tables or more cashes (better ITM) So where do we start? Look at your pass stats, if you haven't kept any, some sites have kept them for you. If you do a search on the internet for "online poker statistics" you will find some information on your poker skills. First set up your long term goal, what do you want to accomplish by year end 2012? and your short term goals, what do you want to accomplish every week or month? For now I'll leave with this and hope you will join me in posting your goals and updates on a regular basis. If you need more information on goal setting, do an online search for "setting poker goals" and if you have any questions, PM me. I'll be back with more later. umbup:umbup:

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    Interesting post, but not exactly what I was expecting.

    I was looking for tasty, healthy recipes I can cook and eat within the hourly 5 minute breaks.

    Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
    4 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Originally posted by EdinFreeMan View Post
      Interesting post, but not exactly what I was expecting. I was looking for tasty, healthy recipes I can cook and eat within the hourly 5 minute breaks. Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
      Mr Noodles is ready in 3 minsumbup:
      I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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        very interesting idea umbup:umbup:
        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Well Sand

          your slimmer than I,,,, so I will just follow yr diet plan also,,,, then I dont have to think


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            VERY NICE post sir!

            Sing it brother sing it!

            If you are not at a level you want to b at yet, then the only way you can effectively get there is to PLAN how you will get there. That planning starts with goals...

            Nice job throwing this out there Sandtrap!
            Double Bracelet Winner


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              I will join you Sand!! My 1st new plan (idea) is to try to gain entry to the Sunday Million each week via,,, steps,,,,, I think I will devote,,,4 buyins to attempt each week,,,, 7.50 x 4 is 30 dollars to win 215 entry and then try to make a big score with that,,,,, and try other satellites as well.... so my bankroll doesnt take major hits ...and hopefully gets a major gain,,,inidonk: This way I can try to gain access to the big tournies with less risk..... Will test theory,,,plan,,,,, for 1 month to see if I can get at least a min cash to then roll into more Satellite attempts,,,,...going to go throw this on my blog too,,,


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                Congrats on winning week 2,should be a lock with your connections.


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                  Here's an example of personal goals: ================================================== ====== Yearly goals I would like to increase my poker knowledge and I intend to do this by watching videos, reading books and searching the internet for information in achieving this. I would like to be a GoldStar every month and I intend to do this by playing Mtt's, SnG's and cash games which in return will give me my money goal of $6,000. Monthly goals To be a GoldStar VIP (3,000 VPP's), I will play 10 regular Mtt's for a total of $100, 100 regular 18 man SnG's at $3.50 for a total of $350 and 25,000 hands of shorthanded $0.05/$0.10. I will watch 4 videos, do 8 hours of reading and 4 hours of hand analysis. As for my financial goal, I will make $500 which will include Stellar Rewards, Monthly VIP tournaments and FPP cash transfer. Weekly goals 20 hours a week 2-3 Mtt's (combine with the SnG's) 25 SnG's (4 tables for 6 hours) 6,000 hands of cash games (6 tables for 10 hours) 1 video and 2 hours of reading 1 hour of hand analysis with PT3 or via the Poker School forum Weekly VIP tournaments I will not spend more than my monthly bankroll and I will not spend more time on poker as per my set goals so I can spend time with the family and other activities. ================================================== ====== Hope this helps the people interested in setting up goals for 2012. I will be posting mine later in December after taking a very hard look at my stats, finding which games are my strength. If you have any questions PM me umbup:umbup:


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                    Good idea

                    I much liked the term you mentioned as "poker diet". I am completely agree with you that we should have specific poker diet for specific purpose. Good luck for the tables!


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                      I was just thinking about this the other day as my 1 year anniversary in the PSO approaches.
                      Where I was, where I am, how far there is to go.
                      Great idea!


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                        When goals are set up, it's very important to keep track of your progress. This will give you the opportunity to analyse your good points and find your leaks and work on them. There are different ways to keep track of your stats. You can always look them up on sites that do track your stats, BUT, most of them do not keep a complete stats and some if not all miss information. You can purchase software that will keep very good stats and will make it easier to analyse your plays and finally, the cheapest way, is to download your PokerStars audit every month in excel format, which will demand more work. Another point, is the motivation to obtain your goals. Some people need some type of motivation to keep going and will be achieve through some type of challenge or with a group of people or just by posting their results. Here's an example: You can decide to post them on a weekly basis or just monthly. It is also important to post some achievement, for example, you've manage to plug a leak or you've reach your monthly goal or you've read something that really clicked to help you in your achievements. If you have any questions just PM me umbup: So who's in??????? umbup:umbup:


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                          I'm in!
                          My 1st goal is to get familiar with excel and move up from doing stats with pencil and paper.
                          That should burn up December...


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                            I always like a good analogy.

                            If my poker plans that I set are my diet, I have to try to stick to them a bit more rigidly. The trouble is I often get distracted by other tasty morsels. I might have a binge at some sitngos I know are above my real bankroll level, and afterwards I will feel a bit sick. Or I will get involved in a hand that is a bit too spicy and regret it for several hours afterwards.

                            Much better to stick to the sort of balanced diet Sandtrap is advocating. Make sure you are getting your vitamins from studying and get away from the tables altogether for a bit of r'n'r and exercise so that you come back fresh and focused for your next sitting.

                            But it's OK to treat yourself to a little snack between meals every now and then.

                            Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
                            4 Time Bracelet Winner


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                              wow - just what I need!

                              Monthly Goals

                              1.This is really the big one - discipline. Mine is atrocious after hours of playing MTTs. must eliminate that tendency to blow up at around 17th place with some stupid move after hours and hours of hard work.
                              2. Play poker around my degree rather than study my degree around poker:
                              I know this ksounds counter-intuitive but degenerating levels of play tends to ensue if I play like an addict (marathon 5 hour cash seshes). Realistically limiting my time means I am less prone to do my trademark blowup in a cash game and that I must set aside specific poker time rather than play according to my whims - treat the game with some degree of professionalism. Most of all - learn to stop when I am fatigued - biggest -EV for me I think.
                              3. I cant really talk about ROI because mine is ridiculously over inflated due to my one 4 fig cash and the minimal amount of games ive played on PS - but I would like to keep my ROI looking as pretty as possible - (currently sitting at %500 or something ridiculous - bound to go down but another big cash would be nice)
                              4. Play PLO better - done wellish in tourneys - awful in cash games. Keep doing standard PLO mistakes which i know are mistakes but still do them anyway - ie calling off a river bet with 2nd nut flush, 2nd set etc)

                              Yearly Goals
                              get money. win sunday mil

                              Lifetime Goal
                              win wsop
                              be the best there ever was.

                              nuff said



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