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How can I Learn if i dont want to read a book?

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  • How can I Learn if i dont want to read a book?

    Hi all,

    I just read a post asking "What are good poker books?"

    and i nearly hijacked it but i say my bit here.

    i have the following books

    in order of purchace

    Poker for dummies *
    the theory of poker #
    scarne's guide to mordern poker !
    small stakes hold'em !
    winning low limit hold'em #
    no limit hold'em thory and practice !
    texas hold'em odds and probabilities !
    Kill everyone #
    everyhand revealed *

    so the key * = read it all
    # = read bits and trying to read more
    ! = not read it


    I am dyslexic and poker books are a nightmare on my eyes / brain. the two i have read are well spaced and easyer to read.

    I have Learnt more from videos here at PSO than books.

    What about you? How do you best learn poker and is it differant from other forms of learning?

    Grade b
    I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

    13 Time Bracelet Winner

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    Sorry about your dyslexia. Everyone learns differently. Some people hate reading books. I cannot learn well by listening. I prefer to learn by doing - but reading and watching videos also work for me.

    Pick your favorite learning style, find some resources to fit, and good luck.



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      Being a stubborn S.O.B I tend to learn the hard way on most things that are new and out of my comfort zone.

      What works for me might not work for others but i'm sure there are others out there that will agree with me that by just getting in there and doing it and trying to absorb as much information as your brain will allow until something just clicks one day and it all becomes natural

      My play in the Open League at the moment is kinda sketchy, I am hoping to make it into the Premier within the next few months, I am keeping my fingers crossed!

      I seriously get frustrated at times trying to over come the learning curb, playing in the Open league can test even the most patient player.


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        Apply to become JDean's Man Friday... umbup: Seriously though the videos can help a lot,saving your Hand Histories and examining your play is very important,especially if you share some of the hands in the Hand Analysis thread so you can get some fresh perspectives. Becoming part of an on-line study group is beneficial for many as well. Also just railing successful players and trying to get a feel for some of the moves and skills they have developed can help. Just finding a poker "buddy" who is more experienced than you are and has been a good player whom you can bounce ideas off of is a good thing to have as well. I'm sure that I'm leaving some other methods to learn that other peeps will mention out here grade,but just having the "want to" to improve your game by learning is the biggest step to take. Many never do (thankfully...).


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          Google Audible.
          You can download Audiobooks to your computer then put them on your Ipod or Phone, Plug in your earplugs and listen while you do other things. The only one I have is Phil Gordons little Green Book. I found it quite interesting it is even narrated by Phil Gordon himself.


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            A big thank you to all those who replied The next poker book i buy will definatly be an Audio book.

            Grade b
            I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

            13 Time Bracelet Winner



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