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    Was in the pub last night
    Before I went I registered for the 10pm open league game
    Gets home to see how I did in the 10pm open league game
    You finished in 1258th place (eliminated at hand #70714128939).

    57 hands played and saw flop:
    - 0 times out of 6 while in small blind (0%)
    - 0 times out of 5 while in big blind (0%)
    - 0 times out of 46 in other positions (0%)
    - a total of 0 times out of 57 (0%)

    Pots won at showdown - 0 out of 0 (0%)
    Pots won without showdown - 0

    Fancied playing so I registered for a 90 man 25c S&G
    There was 24 registered so I fell asleep waiting and never played a hand

    You finished in 12th place (eliminated at hand #70722893169).

    91 hands played and saw flop:
    - 1 times out of 11 while in small blind (9%)
    - 1 times out of 12 while in big blind (8%)
    - 0 times out of 68 in other positions (0%)
    - a total of 2 times out of 91 (2%)

    Pots won at showdown - 0 out of 0 (0%)
    Pots won without showdown - 1
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    The Open League is full of "sitters" and 1200th is about the average finish for them.

    Whilst it won't guarantee a higher prize amount,if you "play" enough games it will probably get you into the top 2000 and the smaller cash awards were you to use this as a permanent method of "playing".

    It also prevents you from getting any substantial negative points in any given tourney.

    The only drawback to this method is when a large number of "sitters" happen to be placed on the same table (I have had 8 at one table before now) and the blinds go round like rockets. Elimination can be very quick in these circumstances because the few real players will quickly take advantage.

    However poker it isn't.


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      If I played every pso game for a month and just sat would I get into top 2000. I only play the odd game here and there but never gotten to the money at the end off month. If I get a good hand on these I raise 3BB and if I was to do 1 for each limper I'd have no chips left. Might try next month and place in top 2000 mabe try sit for a hour then play. I think 9th and 14 is my best in old pso if I got my head screwed on I should do this easy. Thinking about I'm gonna play them for the rest off the month challenge my self to earn 300 plus before month ends to get into the money. I should get some good plus points as I'm so far behind everyone else.


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        I accidentally experimented with this twice in October. Both times, I registered and then fell asleep only to wake up after elimination. It cost me 35 points. Those points would have been VERY handy at the end of the month.


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          I wasn't really bothered about the open league game tbh
          As I was down the pub getting lasheed
          What did surprise me was min cashing in the 90 man s&g



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