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VPP help for n00bs. Where you "Old Hands" at?

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  • VPP help for n00bs. Where you "Old Hands" at?

    Ya know, before Black Friday, I seem to remember a bunch of people that were up for transferring a few bucks to peeps trying to hit their VPP level for some top league prizes...

    Yeah, this isn't a charity site, but, it'd be cool if someone started this trend again. Whenever it happened it was always followed by some solid Bank Roll and VPP building advice...

    For those that can, it'd be cool to start this up again, right?

    I know at least 5 peeps that are going to to respond positively to this.(prolly many more)

    Do you care to join them?

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    Speaking as a MEMBER at PSO, I agree that much of the "community spirit" here is felt through the generous sharing of funds between PSO friends. Doing that bonds us together, and the "pay it forward" spirit can be very beneficial for making this forum feel like a friendly Poker Home.

    If I were still able to play on Poker Stars for real money, I would definately like to help get this activity re-started, as it is part of what makes PSO so great.

    Speaking as a MODERATOR (albeit a brand new one), I'd just like to remind everyone that the act of ASKING for VPP "help" is against the ToS. It is one thing to respond to a thread offering such help, but creating a thread asking for help is considered "begging". PSO is also not a STAKING SITE, so any such offers of help are completely the responsibility of the parties involved.

    If folks want to offer help though, I'm all for it personally. That is part of what makes PSO a great place to be!
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      The old hedgehog would like to respond since he was one of those peeps.

      There were five people on this site that made it possible to make a run for those VPPS last December. Thanks to them, I started 2011 as an active player. If your curious about what happened, check out my bankroll forum thread, though that isn't important.

      One reason there might not be as much enthusiasm is the change to the system. When the Americans played, 20 VPPS was enough to earn a reasonable cash prize, which is anything over ten dollars.

      Today, those same VPPS will earn you dip unless you are in the top ten. A prize of fifty cents doesn't make playing worthwhile. This means sponsors must help a person achieve 150 VPPS. Contrary to what some members say, it will cost players to earn points. Unless a person can offset the cost by their finish, it isn't worth it.

      In the old PSO, I earned $30 each month and was finishing in the mid 200's. To earn that amount in the Skill League at the 20 VPPS level, I need to finish in the top two hundred. After that, the prize drops in half and continues downward. Unless one can consistently reach the upper 200, the probabilities are the player will eventually go broke.


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        Yeah, I don't want to see "I need $ for my VPPs," I'm hoping to see "If you're stuck on those last 2 VPPs and need help, here's some and how to get them easiest."

        I agree the 150 VPP level is gonna be hard to help, but those people already have the $, I would assume.

        Just as in the old days, those non-active players that min-cash in a month and need to build that penny roll up and get the VPPs, they are the ones that should be helped. Get to chatting with those folks on the table, point 'em towards the forum.

        I know it's hard since there are so many people out there from the other poker schools, but...

        Meh, I miss playing.


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          hey mc,

          trust me dude, l miss you and the rest of the American group, we will play together for cash soon.

          As for helping out peeps, l knew a few peeps that did, that was effin great, they would ask for nothing in return, but some returned the helping hand or helped out the next player,
          very effin cool

          l also look at the peeps that put up bounty money in the tank 2 and the peeps that put up prizes in tank 1, once again out of the goodness of there hearts, asking for nothing in return.

          My hat is off to the great community we have.

          l have been on two live events that were started here in the forum, and l can't wait till there's a third.

          Anyways l'm going on and on.....l did have a stroke you know

          cheers all
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            this is a great idea imo. If i had the roll right now i would so be on this in a second. I earn most my vpps lately playing hyper turbo headsup they are easy to break even at cause people just shove so wide. When i have rebuilt my roll i will forsure be into this


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              Maybe a dumb question...

              Can you transfer VPP's or FPP's to another player??


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                Originally posted by dale442 View Post

                Can you transfer VPP's or FPP's to another player??
                Dale, VPP's and FPP's are non-transferrable.

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                  Originally posted by JWK24 View Post
                  Dale, VPP's and FPP's are non-transferrable.
                  Thanks JW umbup: Never seen it anywhere, but this thread made me curious. Dale
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