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prelim notes on PSO convention

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  • prelim notes on PSO convention

    I know it's still 60 days away....but I'M, I'm going to post some rambling notes regarding some info for those who may be coming to Tunica for the first time.

    When you arrive at the GS or Horseshoe, take the time to get a "players card". In the rear of the casino, in relationship to the hotel lobby, at the GS, and in the entry foyer at the Horseshoe. Only takes a few minutes to get one and may be useful during your stay. I think they may even give you a free buffet or some small gift for signing up. You can even sign up on line for the one at Horseshoe and just pick it up when you arrive if you like, but again, it only takes a couple minutes. If you play any machines put your card in...they pay cash money to redeem earned points. $25 per 1000 points, and there is a "gift of the month" for only 200 points. The card is also useful, if you play ring games at the Horseshoe and want to eat at the Buffet or snack bar there, instead of the GS comps that the WPO provides.

    Most of the ring games that you'll be interested in playing will be at the Horseshoe. The very high limits are normally spread in the tournament room at GS, and since their poker room has very few tables, they spread the low limit stud and maybe some 3/6 flop games, but wait lists can be brutal. The Horseshoe will have the most lower limit, 4/8 to 20/40 flop games. You can even call from your hotel room and have them put you on the list and check the status of the wait. The Horseshoe does not page you in the casino when your seat comes open, but does have beepers available that will work as far away as the GS Hotel.

    If you choose to eat while you're playing at the Horseshoe, they will have a "food runner" on duty, who will place your order at the snack bar....great sandwhiches and lots of good greasy deep fried goodies as well as soup and chili, and yummy desserts. They will bring the food tableside to you at no charge for the food or drink, but please be sure to take care of the "food runner", as she works for tips!! Of course, you can also get a comp from the floorperson to eat at the buffet or snack bar, if you want to take a break from the game. All of the poker rooms allow one comp per shift...that per eight hours. So, for example, if you start playing at say 1pm and want to eat at 3pm at the table...they will comp that meal. Then if you get hungry around, say 7pm and are still playing but want to leave the game to eat, you can get a comp from the floorperson for that meal. If they continue the way of the past WPO's, the GS will have a seperate buffet area, next to the tournament room for WPO guests meals. They start early serving "made to order" breakfast, and continue til about 10pm, everyday, always with great selections. See the floorperson in the tournament room for a comp for these meals. The comp you get there also allows you to use it at the other resturants in the GS. It covers the cost of the buffet, or $10 off at the Atrium, which is a coffee shop type resturant.
    All drinks are comped at the casinos for players. Again, take care of your servers, as we all depend on tips for a living.
    Both casinos have "hosts" available 24hrs a day, if you need to get any info on what's available during your stay. There are spas, and gift shops, showrooms, etc. and they can give you all the info on these facilities.

    I will update, or make new posts regarding anything else I mite think of that could make your stay less confusing and more pleasant while you are visiting us in Tunica. If you have any questions, please post here, as someone else may be wondering the same thing. I'm excited that all of you are coming to visit us and I want to do whatever I can to insure that your visit is your best casino/poker experience EVER. ( I even have favorite video poker machines for those who indulge, I'll share my

    Finally....If you are at the Horseshoe....anytime....ask for Pokergoddess and someone will let you know when I'm there or who I NO excuses for not getting to meet you !!



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    Mmmmm, the chicken fingers and tater tots at the Horseshoe snack bar, I can taste them now....

    Use your card any time you are playing, those points really add up. I took my card at the Gold Strike to them last time and they gave me a couple hundred dollars, sort of a rebate program I suppose. Both casinos are very good with comping rooms/food if you ask... but remember, you gotta ask, don't be bashful. Took me a while to figure that out.

    And Pokergoddess, please do me a favor and make sure that the Shoe and Gold Strike have gotten rid of those darn 50 Play Video Poker Machines, grrrrrrr, I hate those.




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      :lol: PokerGoddess which of the 2 casinos is better suited for the disabled? I will be traveling by myself and need to know which is the better one for a room.

      ponygee :roll:


      • #4
        Both are fine and can handle any of your needs. We have lots of guests in chairs and they can manuver just fine. There is also plenty of security people available to help you with anything you need. You may want to stay at the GS, as all the WPO events are there, and "roll" on over to the Shoe, as you desire. They are right next door and no obstacles in your way to going back and forth.

        'Goddess 8O


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          So where are most of the PSO conventioners staying? I made my room reservations at the GoldStrike months before the PSO thing was arranged. At that time, I was under the impression the Goldstrike was where the action was...

          At any rate....I am close enough I suppose. Just don't want to miss out!!


          • #6
            Pokergoddess, what a great post! That's going into my files. Question though, is much of what you describe applicable only during a major tourney or is it typical day in day out.

            And do I understand that all the food in the cardroom is free except for the tips? Wow!


            • #7
              Pokergoddess, what a great post! That's going into my files. Question though, is much of what you describe applicable only during a major tourney or is it typical day in day out.

              No Wiscer. Goddess never normally gets this EXCITED!!! :wink:


              • #8
                Had the chicken and tots ( I have em put a slice of cheese on my tots :roll: ) tonite...propped in a 4/8 game, took $170 out of it in 5 hrs, so not a bad days

                The casinos here, especially the Horseshoe believe in "southern hospitality"!! :wink: The only thing that's different during the WPO is the extra "poker room" that is set up in a banquet facility for all the events and high stake ring games, and the seperate buffet that is set up near that room. You can still do most all of the other things I posted any day, including having food and drinks brought to the table while you play...all comped.

                8O 58 days and counting !




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