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Why so many bad things about SSers?

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  • Why so many bad things about SSers?

    I am currently reading thw whole Well of needbeer, he is the guy that gained 3 million VPP this year.

    I noticed everyone talking bad about SSers (Short Stackers), why is this? to me it seems better to buy-in 50 bb the 20 bb, the 20 bb can only play so many hands because he can always be called on an all-in ...

    Could anyone explain this to me please, or the history of this.

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    it is because most of them fold, fold, fold, shove then leave right after scoring, they call then ratholers, and makes all the regs mad lol I think it is because they know once the guy hits they have 0 chance of getting the $ back


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      Originally posted by roomik17 View Post
      it is because most of them fold, fold, fold, shove then leave right after scoring, they call then ratholers, and makes all the regs mad lol I think it is because they know once the guy hits they have 0 chance of getting the $ back
      So? isnt this just normal playstyle? i dont need a SS to do this, i can do this with 50 BB as well


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        The short stack cash strategy only works well if u r the only short stack at a table of 100bbers.
        If u wanna play ss u gotta know how to pick ur table.
        If everybody has 20bb it just defeats the purpose.
        Thats why stars changed some rules to make life difficult to erradicate short stack cash sharks.
        The strategy doesnt work with 50bb either,in order to play short stack correctly u need to be up against big stackers to get more value for your shoves.


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          I dont get it if you have 50 BB and you fold fold fold all-in win against another 50BB you have more value then if you have 20 BB fold fold fold all-in win against a 50 BB


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            Ideally if u r buying in for 20bb u should be picking a 100bb table and try make sure u r the only short stacker and most other players have 100bb for the strategy to work because with 20bb u r never limping just shoving against 3bb raises etc.
            Alot Pokersites now change min buy in to 30bb so short stack strategy is pretty rare now to see.
            Alot players dont like them because once they double they move on next table it is a quite flawless strategy if u stick to it.
            When playing a short-stack, you will tend to play hands with good showdown value, rather than speculative, implied-odds type of hands.
            Last edited by MEVpaul; Thu Oct 27, 2011, 05:43 PM.


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              well if i play cash ring games i always play 0.01/0.02 so 20 BB would make it 40 cents, while normal buy-in is 2.00 and max is 5.00


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                20BB short stackers often put 100BB stackers in tough spots, where they aren't really able to make ideal plays. I kind of forget the details of the strategy though haven't read about it in a while. I'm more of a 100BB guy Like others said 50BB isn't small enough to be the type of short stack being discussed. Also that most 100BB stackers are looking to 'play poker' and not simply get stacks in preflop every time they play a hand with the short stacker.

                I don't think everybody hates short stackers. I could care less really. I'd rather play people with larger stacks though, so if they make a big mistake I can win more money.


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                  The sense I get from short stackers or min buy-in peeps is this: Three types.

                  Aggressive play is (partly) about forcing your opps into tough decisions. One of the most effective ways of doing so is the shove. Opp (me) can't come back with a raise in order to place the (tough decision) onus back onto the original shover. Now I have to consider fewer possibilities. The guy has zilch and is a maniac on a draw or he actually he caught something.

                  With his short stack buy-in shove he has effectively reduced everyone else's game to his level. He's gambling. If you're in a hand with him and you assume he's the maniac he appears to be then you're also gambling.

                  Also, his level of risk is lower. He shoves his 20. Big deal. You haven't been playing that way. You've been content to chip up. Are you as willing to call? Often, every hand he's involved in changes the game the rest of the table has been playing. You either adjust or stay away from him.

                  That's the guy who's there to push you around. The other short stack buy-in guy is the one who measures risk carefully. Plays few hands but when he does it often means he has the goods. Again, his push costs him less, at least psychologically, than your call. He waits for your mistake; your call.

                  The other short stacker I've noticed is the one who has seen a raise and a call or two in front of him and goes all in. He may do this once every five orbits. I'll often see this tactic pick up the blinds, the raise and the two calls. Min risk in the scheme of things. Reasonable rewards if he knows the rest of the table and their preference for tight play..

                  First and third guy are irritating little boogers. Middle guy is playing your game but not risking what you are.

                  Not well said. Just my observations..............



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