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I'm quitting....

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  • I'm quitting....

    smoking. Got my nicotine gum ready to go. I'm sick right now so it should make it easier to not want to smoke. This is only about the 8th attempt for me. Discipline.......hmmmmmm.

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    i quit on new years day 10 months now without a ciggie no need for patches no need for gum ciggies wasnt an addiction it was something i liked to do 60 times a day.


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      Congratulations, diej! Remember, it's only a decision, and it sounds like you've made it! Those things are no good for you - just ask my parents... oops, too late!

      If you feel the urge, enter a tourney, instead!

      I won't say good luck, since luck doesn't enter into it, but I wish you success!



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        That's fab news!

        If it's something you really want to do, I'm sure you'll be successful.

        All the best,

        Shoeless Joe


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            Today, November 5, marks my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY smoke FREE!!!!! I remember distinctly sitting at my computer terminal when I smoked my last cigarette. In fact, I announced it to the table during the tourney I was entered in...and got ALOT of support then, and in the weeks that followed.

            I won't tell you it is easy, but it is DO-able!! I used the nicotine inhaler for about three weeks on and off when I needed it, but for the most part, I just put them in the trash and never looked back.

            Give yourself a little treat now and then, not sure what your " thing" is, but for me, it was craft/sewing projects. Something to use the money on that had been going up in smoke. And something to occupy myself with when I had the urge to smoke.

            Today, a year later, I feel SO much better. ( A bit fatter, but hey, a girl can't be perfect, right?) I smell better. I sleep better.

            Hang in there and if I can help you, let me know!!


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     lighting one up for all you quitters as we speak!



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                Thanks for all the support!!! I'll keep letting you know how its going. Right now, I'm fine, but it will get tougher before it gets better. Anyway, what really has made me want to give it up is, believe it or not, poker....seeing all those players who have smoked for many years and having them tell me to quit and tell me their stories was really a big part of it. They tell me stuff that my peers will not.

                The biggest thing, however, occured one night at a 2/4 table in Tunica. I met a lady who was an extraordinary person, albeit a horrible cardplayer. We got into several conversations and, since she was losing, she started asking me how to play the game. (She had never played before). Anyway, I broke the cardinal rule and gave her lots of advice and she started playing better. She started winning some after losing a lot (she had fun either way).

                I finally lit a cigarette at the table instead of getting up for a round. She commented, "You smoke?" She then told me that she used to smoke.

                I found out that she was suffering from lung cancer and was going through a break in chemo. When I asked her, she told me that the prognosis was not good. I had a hard time believing that a vibrant person like this was actually dying.

                Later on, I opened from middle position with TT. This guy that was a maniac reraised me (he raised every hand), everyone else folded and I capped it. We saw the flop heads up and the flop came T 7 3. Anyway, we got into a raising war on the flop. Since we were heads-up, we could keep on raising. We went many bets in when he called. My set stood up against his pocket queens (of course, I had no idea this maniac had pocket queens on the flop).

                Anyway, the extraordinary lady said, "You're much, much braver than me," as I dragged the pot in.

                I could only reply, "Not true"

                I couldn't believe that this lady said this. I basically try to raise as much as possible with the nuts against this maniac and she's telling me I'm brave?

                No, she was far braver than I.

                She finally got me, though. I was dealt AK and I sat to her direct left. She opened, I reraised, and two people flat called. She then capped it. I took the flop for one more bet and promptly dumped my hand when the flop came A rag rag. I knew exactly what she had and watched as two players called her all the way to the river. Of course, she turned over pocket aces and looked at me and asked, "Was that how you told me to play that?" I replied, "Yes" and had one of those truly great moments when you feel extremely happy for one of your opponents who is dragging a pot. I have never felt that good about having to give up a good hand.

                I hope she's okay and I hate to say it, but smoking kills. Since then, I have really disliked smoking even though I was a smoker.


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                  Originally posted by diej2002
                  smoking. Got my nicotine gum ready to go. I'm sick right now so it should make it easier to not want to smoke. This is only about the 8th attempt for me. Discipline.......hmmmmmm.

                  One of the things that helped me quit was what they call the water cure. Surround yourself with it. Drink all you can as it washes the taste buds down thaty will trigger a craving. Wash all the clothes you have been wearing so you won't have the smell that they carry and lastly, when you have a craving you cant control, jump in the shower where you cant keep a ciggy lit. And congratulations on taking the first step towards better health, no matter how long it lasts.


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                    Hey diej,

                    If another success story will help with some incentive I have one for you.

                    After 25 years I gave up a 75 cigarettes as day habit...cold turkey.

                    Jan. 15'88.

                    Nothin' to it. You can do it buddy.

                    We're with ya.



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                      This worked for some of my family.

                      Take a big fat rubberband and put it on your wrist. If you get a craving pull the rubberband as far as you can and let it go. you are doing it corectly if you hear a good loud <snap>

                      It worked for two Unkles, one Aunt, And two Cousins.
                      Me I just got bruzes on my wrists.



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                        Best of Luck. U Can Do It!!

                        I smoked heavily for 20+ years. At the end, I was doing 2 1/2 to 3 packs a day [2 of Marlboros & 1 of Salems to cut the harshness of the Marlboros.].

                        Towards the last, driving on a trip from CA to Oklahoma for a training school, I had to stop and buy sore throat medicine to swig in the car!! Couple of cigs, a Salem, then a gulp of medicine! Repeated that for 1500 miles!!

                        Do you think I was hooked???? And both my in-laws were on oxygen at the time due to emphysema!!

                        Did I quit? Nah. Then one day I bought a new cashmere sport coat, and promptly burned a hole in the lapel with an ash on Day 1!!

                        Joined Smoke Enders on 1 June 1980 - and 10 weeks later I had total stopped!! Haven't smoked for 22 years! I needed the group experience and support. Not everyone does though.

                        If you can't do it on your own, try one of the support groups.

                        That was the best $195 I ever spent!!

                        If I can do it - you can quit too! Just hang in there! Do it any way you can!

                        I never realized how much truth there was in the statement "... stop to smell the roses" - because although I did smell [of smoke], I couldn't smell anything else!!


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                          Way to go. I just quit 3 weeks ago (this is my 3rd try). Hope we can do it.


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                            September 10, 1986. I was in Las vegas in the middle of a four day trip when I crushed a half full pack. Never had another one.

                            A little trick that helped me was........

                            You will get that urge often, you will reach for a cigarette and remember you no longer smoke. You now have 2 choices. You can beat yourself to death by thinking about how miserable you are that you cant light up, or you can think about something else.

                            Try thinking about something else. You will find it makes the transition easier.


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                              I gave up smoking 25 yrs ago and the most motivating force was NOT the fact of just not how much I wanted to give up but the fact that I WANTED DESPERATELY to be a "NON SMOKER". We would go to dinner parties where I would find myself admiring the "non-smokers". They seemed so in control and fresh!. I made up my mind that I was going to be a "Non Smoker" so thats what I became and every time I felt like a cigarette I knew that it was my enemy. I learned to hate them with a vengance and in the end it was actually easy. They are your enemy and you dont want your enemy living with you and ruling your life. Good Luck...SENGA .



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