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  • About Stud...

    I played in the Stud freeroll, and I must say, I do not have a clue.

    What openinghands am I looking for?

    And what are the hands I am looking for in general? I mean, like in PLO, 2 pair or a set is often not good enough.

    So yeah, any tips would be appreciated.

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    Opening hands, you have 3 cards instead of 2, so definitely play high pairs and connectors.

    Watch out for unsupported flush draws.

    Read opponents... but above all, read the outs on the board... if everyone else keeps getting them...


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      okay I'm no expert it this either but, as far as opening hands go, I like to see suitedness, connectedness, and pairs, BUT (and its a BIG but) in stud you always have to be VERY cognisant of the other players windows (their up cards), because these can turn what could be a really nice starting hand into trash in the blink of an eye. and they can turn what could be an iffy starting hand into an okay starting hand if all of your outs are still live. so be extremely aware of all the dead cards that could make or break your hand, as your drawing odds are so heavily dependent on knowing these cards. hope that get you started on the right foot. GL MT
      oh and in stud most often two pair and sets are definitely good enough, as long as you don't see straight possibilities or flush possibilities and villains windows. again goodluck
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      May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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        When playing regular stud, and not h/l, 2 pr or a set can be a very good hand and I will call down with less very often. It depends on the board and reads, but a pair can be quite good enough to call down 1 bet on 6th and 7th street. People love to bet missed draws.

        The best starting hand is to be rolled up. (3 of a kind) It can easily develop into a boat and is very disguised. You should raise as much as you can when you're rolled up and especially if you see draws developing for other players. Problem is, you just don't get it a bunch.
        Pairs and suited, and/or straightening cards are very strong starting hands. However, if betting is large early, I wouldn't get too excited about mid-pairs.

        The thing I see in stud a lot is just like hold'em, players play too many starting hands. Be a bit selective. You'll see the impact of being tight when the betting amounts become large in relation to your stack. I think many just don't look at this early in a tourney...especially a freeroll.

        One thing about stud you want to work on as a beginner, make sure you're committed (mostly ) to a hand at 5th street when the bet increases.
        Personally, I like stud 8 (h/l) better.

        Just my .02.
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          I think I read this the first time I ever played stud it helped me out tremendously


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            Thank you people, I have some insight now about how to play this game.



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