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My first time in a really big tournament .....

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  • My first time in a really big tournament .....

    And it may be quite possibly my last LOL

    Tonight I entered the big 55, mainly to achieve 150VPPs for the Premier League next month, and also because my forays in PLO and PLO HI/LO simply were not raking up the VPPS at all. I played two tables for just under 3 hours to amass a little less than 3VPPS and realised that to achieve another 25 or so was just not going to happen at that rate of going.

    I also hoped that a change of scenery might bring a change of fortune because quite honestly I have been running like a dog recently. In addition to that playing in the Open League has affected my decision making in ring games, every time I play less than premium hands I hit a blank and when I don't play them they do hit: as for my premium hands well they just get murdered every time. Even in other tournaments I just do not seem to get any playable cards.

    Unfortunately, the Big 55 did not change things, the best hand I had in over two hours was AQ off, with two all ins before the action came to me in the small blind. I folded only for them both to turn over AJ and spike the other Ace. Sick does not describe how I felt. The rest of the time I did not have one playable hand at all, not even one pair, and any hand that went to showdown would not have been won with my hands.

    I shipped at aroung 10 BBs with KQ and hit the K on the river but then continued to get scrap hands: I eventually shipped again with Q8 suited and K7 held. I played two hand to finish 600th or so, quite a demoralising experience, because I just did not get a chance to play. God even with a semi playable hand I could have tried to make something happen, at one point I even thought of shoving with J5 off.

    Maybe it is just a bad run and I can get back to enjoying playing, but with my ever diminishing bank roll, it seems the Premier League is my only hope of redemption: it could be worst i suppose


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    sometimes i laugh so hard tears run down my leg


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      Yup went up from 122.67 VPP to 125.11 on two tables. One was 1/2 PLO HI/LO full ring, the other was 2/4 PLO HI/LO Limit full ring. In fact I think I made the most of it on the limit table. Maybe i just choose the wrong tables



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        Trust me it could definitely be worse...

        Top you're a perfectly solid player,can't let this beat you down. Drop down a level or two to protect your roll and just keep focusing on making solid decisions. Maybe mix some SNG play in with your usually ring play to shake things up a little.


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          Cheers Mox,

          Tomorrow is a new month and you never know what will happen; played the Drunk Tank tonight and really enjoyed it, so i might just get back in the groove.

          At least I can play for money but hopefully all you guys from the US will get back soon too.



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            Originally posted by topthecat View Post
            Cheers Mox, Tomorrow is a new month and you never know what will happen; played the Drunk Tank tonight and really enjoyed it, so i might just get back in the groove. At least I can play for money but hopefully all you guys from the US will get back soon too. TC
            Top u r a solid player don't let it get to ya.... just did3 plo8 .01/.02 tables full ring and wracked 15 vpps in 35 minutes so don't be discouraged by 1 result. even took a profit lol 32 cents Learned a lot from ya b4 the friday nightmare so chin up m8 it WILL turn around 4 ya .... just keep playing solid topcat poker cheers r0ckumbup:umbup:umbup:


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              Hey Top, I like to play PLO hi/lo 6 man tables. the house takes the same rake but divides the VPP's between less players. more hands per hour and points come quicker.

              1st let me say is that I can't play Omaha worth a hill of beans and decided right from the start that I'm not going to win at it so I only use it as a means for VPP's.

              I play 4 tables with a min starting stack of $0.80, so I will have at risk $3.20 per sitting. I will only play for a period of 1 hour cause frankly I'm a little slow at trying to calculate outs and odds with the extra 2 cards in my hand, so it hurts my brain. In that hour on average I will earn between 10 and 20 Vpp's with a slight loss of a few cents. However i will normally play a NL holdem full ring table prior to playing Omaha to fund my sessions so that my bank roll does not drop.


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                TC I got my 150 vpp's playing 2/5 cent omaha cash ,2 tables for an hour at a time ,just let the maniacs pump all the money in and sit back and take your points, it was quite painless cost me about $3 in total. The real bullet to the brain came when I got relagated from the Prem so the 150 vpp dont add up to nothing for me. ROLL ON THE OPEN DONKFEST........ And TC you are way oo good to play in the Open along with muppets like me. The very best of luck to you and the rest of the guys in the Prem for Oct, may see you all back there one day but dont count on it I am running like an old East German Trabant with no fuel and 3 wheels. Gate umbup:
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