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  • frustrated

    doing so well in the early days of september, that now it looks like i cannot make any normal descission any more in the Pso anymore. Frustrated by donk moves on my highend PP and just bad luck made me finish only 1 time behind the bubble with 1200+ score out of the last 8 tours. the rest i finished 1 time 1800+ so u imagine i am sliding down hill really fast. and the worst part is that i am in posession of more then 150 VPP's and was realy going back to the premier. Now i think i have to strugle to get back!! nice timing to get in a bad flow.

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    I just checked your rank and you were only a few places outside the top 500 that qualify for the premier league - so my advice is don't panic - resist the urge to tilt and go back to the ABC Open Skill League formula of patience and folding all but the nuts, and time-clock if you have to. You will pick up points, and some of those above you may not qualify through the VPP rule. Try to forget about what might have been prize-wise this month and concentrate on getting that promotion - you still have an excellent chance.

    Good luck and hope to see you in the Premier League for October

    Ed from edinburgh -EdinFreeMan
    4 Time Bracelet Winner


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      lol i will do my best!! and price wise i wasn't even considdering i just want to move up lol!!!

      strange thing is that in the MTT's i can suddenly manage myself and when i get kickout there i directly know who to blame!!!

      see u next month

      by the way my last result is not yet accounted for lo!! again got kicked out 4000+
      Last edited by 77wopke77; Sat Sep 24, 2011, 01:33 PM.


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        Just grind, grind and grind again.
        Sit out to 4ooo players left or even better run your clock down on EVERY hand.
        Only play AA, KK OR QQ and (maybe) AK

        Do that and you should end 2000th or better in every tournament and as Edin Free says the VPP rule should mean that you qualify for promotion.


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          sorry....when l seen frustrated, l was thinking you were taking about my wife,


          Poker Rule #1....Never listen to me...hiccup

          7 Time Bracelet Winner


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            grind your way thru it. I had 1-2 week of bad beats every month. All you can do is to make sure you're playing the hands correctly and grind thru it.

            6 Time Bracelet Winner


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              I know your pain 77, I just got bingo'd by some Hungarian Moron ,My AJ versus his 23 off and he hits flush with 4 runners, I could cry at times.Stick at it, I think it turns around ? Good luck
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              Bracelet Winner


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                well first 1 played!!! 2300+ got crushed by 69 because i hit the set and he chased an openended SD and hits it on the turn!!! f******* monkey's


                • #9
                  second played ended up 1620!! if u can call it progress then it is


                  • #10
                    playing the third now and having 9k in chips with about 1300 left! sometimes it helps to blow off some steam


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                      enden around 360 so that must be around 40 points lol



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