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any good advice for tilt mode?

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  • any good advice for tilt mode?

    yesterday i started with $ 12 did some $0.50 SNG's and lost, also ended low in the freerolls

    after that i had $ 9 left and i thought f*** it im going on a $7 dollar SNG fifty50, i had an straight on the flop and my opponent had 3 out of 5 suited cards for a flush, so i pushed all in and he called for some reason. then on the last 2 cards he hit the other 2 suited cards and he flushed me down the toilet...

    so i had $2 left and ragequitted (literaly got mad for the above thing) and stopped pokering so i could start today.

    today im gonna play freeroll and maybe some $0.25 SNG's as well.

    any advice to not let the above happen again?

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    My advice for tilting.....DON'T!!!! bad beats are going to happen PERIOD. JDean says just put your nipples in a coffee grinder, and after that bad beats just don't hurt nearly as much...umbup:
    May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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      haha made my day


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        Bankroll management is a great tool for avoiding tilt also. When you look at guidelines to manage your roll, the percentages that you want to use in buying in are, imo, small, relatively. But this allows you two things. One, you are able to play your natural game since you aren't too worried about losing the buy-in. Second, you avoid tilting too bad for the same reason. You never want to put so much on the table that you know you can't really afford to lose. Bad beats are inevitable. The fact that you put so much of your bankroll in this buy-in surely contributed to the emotions we categorize as "tilt." umbup: When all else fails, watch this. ...warning, language.


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          Not sure if this helps but when I start to get frustrated and feel I am getting to the point of I am going to go do a big buy in to try to get my money back (tilt) I stop walk away from my computer and do something else for about 5 minutes, just to calm the instant urge to go blow my money. When I come back to the computer I still am emotionally still thinking about the lose but now am a little calmer. So I still want to play some poker but don't want to lose any more money. So the place I play at now allows me to play poker without losing money but I can turn play money into a dollar. This option is not available here at Stars so what I did when I could play here was just jump into the many free rolls and grind. That way your not losing any money but still playing poker umbup: -Dry UDS


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            meh didnt know normal speed tourneys could take this long.

            tried a 90 man sit and go .25 played 150 mins just to end at 9th place with AJ lol other guy had TT

            think ill stick to turbo they dont take as long :P


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              Oh dear. Yesterday you started playing outside of your bankroll chasing losses. Today the tournies take too long. I fear the worst


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                ive always been playing turbo, finishing sit and go 10 man within half an hour, to play 2 and a half hour now for such a small price is annoying to say the least :P



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