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  • Cash Game or SNG

    What is the easiest way to make money Cash games or SNG. I know this question can be really bias but i just want your guys thoughts........ Hmm i just thought of another point..... What's the easiest way to lose money?

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    I think playing heads up is a fast way to lose or win money single table hyper turbos are good way to win money fast also
    Didnt notice you meant the easiest not fastest. Money doesnt come easy. Its easy to lose it tho.
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      Sorry Eagle... the only answer to that question is you can win and lose a lot of money at both cash games and SNGs. Really, just choose the option that you enjoy more. Your bankroll will be similarly rewarded or punished depending on how much work and effort you put into your game.

      The easiest way to lose money is play a lot of tables at once, while drunk, and having never studied the game to any degree. And again, that will be equally as destructive at both types of games.


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        depends. play the one that you're best at.

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          Great comments you guys, i guess another busted get rich quick scheme oh well.... i'm having fun..... sometimesumbup:


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            there's no easy way to win it, and the easiest way to lose it I've found is to just leave your wallet laying around when the wife is home...
            May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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              If you think about it, there is no reasonable answer to your question. It is something every player must discover. Your best option is to realize the kind of game you prefer, and work within its boundaries. Therefore, try finding what you do best. For that, the site has given you play money, use it wisely. Some of the options and styles offered here include:

              Ring games ---- fast and regular, dependent on number of players

              SNG ---- single tables, double or nothing, multi tables

              Tourneys ---- regular, fast, and super-fast, with and without bounties, rebuys, and add-ons.

              And I'm betting I missed a few variations while doing this too.

              Even more important, it need not be in hold'em. Met a gold-star player on the 27-player play money sng who was talkative. Asked him why he "wasted his time in play money." I'll never forget his answer: "I make good money on 7-card, but I want to learn how to play hold'em." Those are wise words to anyone wanting to play poker, and from somebody who knew where he was strongest.


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                Originally posted by JWK24 View Post
                depends. play the one that you're best at.
                What JWK said. umbup: It solely depends on the player eagle. Myself I was break even on rings but +52% ROI in multi-table SNG's (.25 45/90 mans) and MTT's. Plus I played the $1.11 50/50's quite a bit at the end,before BF,and was about +35% on those. So I was easily a stronger player in SNG/MTT play. But getting my VPP/FPP points mainly on the rings without losing money had value as well. Quite frankly my game discipline in SNG/MTT play was just better than on rings. If I just floated along for a while on ring tables to no effect I would tend to get a little spewy. I had quite a few "give-back" sessions doing that. Thinking when we Yanks get back on Dave and Felix's videos have given me some ideas that can help with that though. I have to say though that for anyone who mainly plies their trade in $1.00 and less ABI SNG/MTT games or in 5NL or less ring games that the best way to get a consistent bump in your BR was to grind out the Skill League each month. Now,with the 2 leagues going and the changing parameters inherent in each compared to what the Skill League was,I'm not sure that's as true. Hoping to be back sooner than later to find out though. umbup:


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                  well what do you do when your like me and sucking at both It's just a swing so I just keep plugging along


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                    Depends on a lot of factors, but the key thing is to recognize the different ways you SHOULD see profit potential from each event. Each type of game has its positives and its negatives, and the weight of those factors is really determined in large part by YOU.

                    CASH GAMES-

                    These afford you the option to get up and leave with profit (or less loss) whenever you choose.

                    They tend to allow a steadier, and more predictable "win pattern", and also gives you the ability to be highly selective in your choice of games/opponents.

                    If you tilt/steam however, the potential to lose more than a single BI per session is there in cash games; this could be ruinous.

                    "ABC" play with helper programs can give good multi-tabling potential

                    Overcoming rake may be difficult at lower levels, and at short tables.


                    These give you the security of a fixed BI per event; you cannot tilt off more than you intended (unless you go on ba-junky tilt in a re-buy event).

                    These tend to afford you a greater overall win potential, as the possible amount to be won exceeds by far what can be won in a "usual" cash game session.

                    The variance is greater, as you will tend to go for longer periods between "big" wins; may require larger funding levels than Ring play, or Single table SNG's.

                    You will have less game selection choices, and will be "stuck" at your given seat once you've bought in.


                    Win potential and variance effects lie in the middle between MTT and Ring play; the more tables in SNG's, the closer they resemble MTT, and vice versa per this effect.

                    As many of your decisions will be stacked based, and almost "automatic", these lend themselves well to a TAG style for multi-table play.

                    The opposition may be tough (at mid to hi levels), as you will tend to face many people who specialize in SNG play.

                    Vig can tend to be the highest amongst all the game types, especially at micro levels.


                    Amongst these considerations, as well as finding your preferences, provide you with your best choice.
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