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showing cards

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  • showing cards

    during recent tournaments i have noticed 1 certain player has the ability to show not just both of his cards but 1 of them. if this is possible where do i find this as i have looked under options/requests and cant find this feature anywhere.

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    Welcome to the forum fish! umbup: All you have to do is click on one or two cards before you act last and then it will give you the option to show them when the hand is over. Of course, there can't be any player still left to act except for one.


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      Options->Showing/Mucking Hands - untick Don't show when folding last.


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        One thing I will mention about showing hands...

        I could give you a long list of reasons why but the biggest is you are advertising you are a fish.
        Personally I love it when some one shows their hands,because it is free information.

        If some one is showing hands at the table I dont have to verify how bad they are with their bet sizing patterns,they are fishy enough that they are ripe for the pickings.

        People show for two reasons.One they like to show big hands and show you that they had you and want you to say nh and well played.Problem with that is they are not playing the game in
        their best way.If I am concerned with how the table sees my plays so much that I have to show my hands I am not playing my best poker and playing restrained.
        Two they are a maniac wanting to show big bluffs to get people calling them when they have the nuts,it rarely works unless they are facing just as big a fish as them.What happens is the table nits up and they shove 27 and run into QQ.Why would I open up my range when they are shoving so often?The logic stinks and is maybe lvl 1.


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          you can click on your own cards and an eye will appear, the cards you mark will be showed at the end of the hand.



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