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Good players/ home games?

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  • Good players/ home games?

    Hey all,

    When black friday hit (yup im a us player) the first thing I was worried about was "hey I wanna play in the sunday million/ storm and make my mark." I only had one opportunity to play the storm. Though I didn't make it ITM, it was great.

    Then I thought, I wanna continue my poker learning experience, and that wont happen playing beginners, play money etc.

    More than anything I was, and am, a student, and really take this game seriously. I heard "Dwan" say one time, "It's too easy for almolst anyone to learn NL hod em, and be almolst as good as you." And that's when he was talking about why he played omaha. I disagree strongly.

    I've said this before, but in the average Veags game, it only takes a 1-2% advantage to make bllions each year. That's how I look at this game. 'nuff said.

    I'm not tryin' to act as if a hot shot, but I'm (lately) am either winning , placing or showing in the $6.00 s n g 's I'm playing. Even so everything I do is a learning experience.

    So what I'm asking is there anyone else that would like to also start a play money game here for the purpose of / and as we play we give each other advice and/ or you know whatever. In other words, a learning experience.

    I mean it's ok for Dave and others to spoon feed, well at least me. Lets do something to make him and others to make them proud of us/ being more proactive etc/ to improve our game. Let's show him and others that do the teaching that we are serious students.

    Lets play a game, and analyze our plays, etc. in /with a purely educationally reason.

    I think I'm a decent playr and see mistakes made by my opponents all the time. But I know there are better players that might give me advice as welll.

    Anyone that thinks this isnt a terrible idea post or better yet pm me and lets get this started.

    I'm thinkin like once in a week, sorta like an advanced poker class/discussion/theory.

    There are just so many players in here that I've never sat at a table w/ that I'd love to play. Yes that was my first thought/motivation for this.

    I hope some of you all feel as inspired by this idea as I do.

    cheers, Johann
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    please anyone to add or improve opon this, feel free. I just thought it would be so cool, for some of forum reg's, esp. for the really great players, to come together for a home game or tourney, and then give constructive critisism etc besides, braggin rights can be moe valuable as cash sometimes, lol.
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      ps i can't type and think at the same time. , and i cant believe i said "eduacationally" lol bear w/ me folks. thx. my brain just says stuff and i try to record it but usually not too welll.


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        I am not sure if it is still running, but Jdean, Honu, old mud and a bunch of others were doing this on Ventrillo.. lots of good discussions, strategy etc



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