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New BOT battling technology in latest release?

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  • New BOT battling technology in latest release?

    Was just multi-tabling a few ring games when my chat box was replaced with a word verification and I was instructed to enter the word within a certain period of time.

    My word was 'dingoes'. It appeared on all my tables but just had to enter it once to have the regular chat returned.

    First time I've come across this.

    Anyone else?

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    LOL old news annie!

    Gidee Up!


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      Still think your a bot though.


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        Perhaps it's a random verification program and your name got selected. It might even have been related to the number of tables played. Over a certain number, and if played over a certain time, the system runs the check. Considering the computer technology, I'm surprised the bots haven't devised a means of reading the chat boxes, for just that reason.


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          This has been around for years, not sure what happens to make it pop up as i only seen it once in the 8 years i played @ PS

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            I know a guy that has a dingo. A real damn dingo. As far as I know, it has not eaten any babies.


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              Originally posted by mcrissinger View Post
              I know a guy that has a dingo. A real damn dingo. As far as I know, it has not eaten any babies.
              rofl, now that's how you derail a thread!!

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                Thanks all.

                Hadn't seen nor heard of it in the two years I've been playing here.

                Not sure how it's triggered but guess that's just the way dingoes.


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                  I had it happen once in a pso game when I first started...


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                    Its happened a few times

                    to me,,,, usually when Im timing out all the time,,,, playing 2 many tables,,,,, I think its because someone complains yr a bot,,,,when yr timing is the same each time,,,, ie 15 seconds every time,,or time clocking,,,,,,they email support my guess complaining ,,,, and then PS,,,,,,they chat word ,,,,you,,,,,,,,, to find out if yr a cat or a bot,,,,,


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                      It happened to me when i was playing a single table. Seems to happen after an hour or so playin same table and not chatting with any other players. Just a security measure to verify your a person and not some program running. Just like web page verification programs.


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                        It has never happened to me, but I could easily miss it. The chat window is not always open, as I am writing notes, checking stats and info. What happens then? Does Stars figure you for a bot just because you are not reading chat? Just asking.



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                          I wonder what casuses this because ive seen this more than once
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