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Your least favorite way to lose a hand

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  • Your least favorite way to lose a hand

    Hey all,

    My least fav way to lose a hand is when the board 4 flushes. Just cannot account for that.


    3 Time Bracelet Winner

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    when i got AAAAK and other guy gets J on river to make RoyalFlush under:Struck(AC/DC) Or u get FullHouse and loses too bigger FullHouse umbup:
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      Some eastern Euro donk calling my monster hand shove with some whack-azz hand and spiking a boat on the flop.

      Or any hand that tencat ever beat me on.


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        My worst ever feeling following a beat? Easy.

        Holding KK, get it in good preflop and am up against A9.

        Flop 292

        I'm praying for a King and no 9s, no aces

        Turn 2

        I'm praying for a King and no 9s, no aces

        River 2

        Obviously I was praying for the wrong thing, or to the wrong poker god. Always hate losing a boarded 4 of a kind hand on the kicker.

        Ed from Edinburgh
        4 Time Bracelet Winner


        • #5
          my final hand in the 2pm PSPL yesterday

          my AA vs 10 10

          i raise 4 BB preflop they pushed all in had me covered bt 20 chips

          flop A,K,Q rainbow

          turn J

          river was me crying out of the tourney very early


          • #6
            Pocket pair losing to overcards because the board paired twice and puts your hand out of play and the overcards win despite failing to improve/connect.

            Flopping trips (with pair on board) and shoving only to lose to someone who chases a flush draw (even though they could already be drawing dead) and then hits it.

            And one example that happened to me in the Open League last month....I am down to about 2.75BB (blinds 150/300) and get AA on the button. It's folded round to a big stack (about 32k) who decides to raise from mid position with his 63 6600 (22 x BB). I call allin (obviously) and am feeling very good as I have got the isolation bet that I wanted as well as the monster hand. Then the player in the SB has AKoff and shoves (for 11k total). The player with 63 is now priced in due to his ridiculous overraise. Flop 6 Turn 6. Player with AK busts. I also bust.

            If the 63 suited player had done a "standard" raise to say 3xBB (or even as high as 5xBB)....then there was every chance the player with AK is coming over the top with a shove and the player with 63 has to fold because the call is too expensive. And I am left getting the isolation bet I really wanted (from the player with a hand that I have dominated). I may be wrong here....but I am pretty sure that 63 suited has a much better chance of beating AA than AKoff has of beating AA. Hands like that dogged me all of last month in Open League. Even when I got isolation bets to thin out the field and improve my chances of winning key still went tits up lol.


            • #7
              I must say for me by far the worst, and about the only thing that really tilts me (at the tables) is the old aces while disconnected fiasco or the already built a big pot with a monster, disconnected dibacle! You cant control the luck of the cards, so bad beats or bad cards are not tilt worthy, but server issues on stars end are well, sasa frassa freakin, mother effin, dad gummin, pull your hair outin', kick the dog, yell at the universe, just a tad bit, wee bit, little bit, ever so slightly well, ummmmm, : AAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! Oh my!! Was that out loud? LOL my worst one was (of my money) just shy of 100$... can you imagine being a pro and having that happen with thousands in a pot??? OUCHY MOMMA!!! (insert throat cutting emoticon here)
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              May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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                i think it must be the runner runner runner runner no brain just because i like to shove my chips in and see the funny collors stack up in the centre of the table while i take another sip of my delicious Vodka seeing my shove getting rewarded SUCKOUTS!! with ATC!!

                lol like playing bingo and loose from an old lady!!!


                • #9
                  For me it's probably getting bluffed And for my favourite way to WIN a hand.... is probably bluffing too
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                  • #10
                    I once flopped a boat
                    Shoves and gets called by a big stack looking for a gut shot straight draw
                    Turn gave them a flush draw an a straight flush draw
                    Yip , You guessed it
                    1 out to hit a gut shot straight flush draw
                    Surprise surprise out of 27 cards left it made an appearance


                    • #11
                      Having a decent hand on the bubble like KK or AA, and getting crushed by someone who shoves pre-flop with 92o.

                      That really puts me off my food. :c


                      • #12
                        I really don't like it when I make extremely strong bets and people call with completely terrible and illogical hands.... only to suckout on me and take all my money! Like When I 4-bet to 40 big blinds in a cash game with KK and some sucker calls all-in with A6o and spikes the A!


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                 a wood chipper.


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                            In the Bacon Slicer, She's frigid.
                            2012 Double Bracelet Winner
                            Bracelet Winner


                            • #15
                              One outers, lost out on cashing in back to back Fifty50 SNGs the other day after getting rivered by the only card in the pack that could beat me



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