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I love being in the Premier League :))

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  • I love being in the Premier League :))

    So this morning I made my Premier League debut, something which I had been looking forward to ever since I had locked up my Top 500 placing in last month's Open League.

    I was looking forward to it for many reasons...I was looking forward to not having to clock each and every hand, not having to fold every hand that wasnt AA, not having to wait until level 5 before you can think of committing your stack, not having to wait until you have the stone cold nuts at the river before putting a chip into a pot, being able to play with an extra 1k in starting chips, and just being able to do stuff that you could never do in Open League...playing actual proper poker as opposed to ATC allin preflop bingo. Making preflop raises/postflop bets and getting respect. Using the button to steal the blinds etc etc. But most of all, I was simply looking forward to the challenge of having to raise my play to a higher standard against a higher standard of player in order to do well. At least that is how I imagined/hoped it would be.

    And, having played my first game, it would appear that my hopes have been realised. I really enjoyed the game this morning. It was cagey. Preflop raises got respect. Limps were few and far between. There were very few allins preflop. And when there were, big hands were being turned over. The biggest pot I saw at my table in the first 8 levels was a hand where someone with AK flatted the opening raise, only to see a player with QQ 3 bet allin and another player who had KK 4 bet allin. AK called and flopped the nuts. QQ didnt get the board to pair and busted. KK hit an A on the turn to split with the AK for a 7k pot. As far as I can remember, there was only ONE hand which could have been considered to be "a donking". Also, a huge majority of the pots were being won without showdown. And all of this was happening at a good steady pace. Clocking/stalling for time was virtually non-existent until the blinds hit 200/400. Up until this point, it seemed that any time a player took a little while longer to act, it was because he was deciding how much to bet/raise.

    I played for about 2 and a quarter hours and finished just outside the top 25% (82nd out of 317). I was happy with how I played considering that two of my best hands all game were folded preflop (JJ to a big raise and TT to a shove). It was tough going, but it was fun and enjoyable. I didnt feel "panicky" at any stage even when I was down to under 2 BBs.

    Now maybe the game I was in today was a little cagey because it was the first game of the month and a lot of players were trying to suss out how some of the "new faces" were playing. Time will tell, and the sooner I figure that out, the better for me. This is part of the fun for me...having to learn "on the fly". I know that a good chunk of this month's PL participants have got a months head start on me after playing in August's PL, so already I am having to play catchup. But I dont mind that, as it adds to the challenge. I said I wanted to play in the Premier League so I could be tested in a way that I havent been tested before. No pain no gain as they say.

    Now that I have that first game under my belt, I know that I really want to stay in this Premier League. The difference between the Premier and the Open Leagues are like the differences between night and day. I know it will be tough. I know it will be a test of my character when I inevitably have those struggles with downswings and running bad. But I am going to give it the best effort I can possibly muster in order to prove to myself that I "belong" in the Premier League. September is going to be a fun month

    Good luck to all who are taking part this month.

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    I'm sure happy to be out of the opens. Stopped playing them and nearly slipped out of the 500. 487 on the last day, so had to play one last game.

    really looking forward to playing in about 5 mins

    See you all there. Good luck!


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      well i am out of the premierleauge and i will believe it's a huge difference now!! because of the changes and the extra tour.

      but i must say i played my first open and got within the bubble without playing a decent hand.
      i picked up a few steals and lucky draws but the most change i saw in the open was the pace.
      before the first brake we where only 52 players away from the bubble.
      ok i had no cards at all during play time and still finished 1150 something so i think when i be patience and do my best we can finish in the top 500 and come back to u lol!!!!

      i am also trying to play the qualifier and now i am in 8th place from 55 left from 153 with 6500 stack so i must get some positive points here also lol

      but as u guys said first day of a new month!! we will see


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        Welcome guys to the premier and good luck.
        I had the exact feelings as you last month in my first game. After a month of play, although I had some low times, I can say I still love the Premier.
        This is a new month, with some different players. I look forward to playing with some of you in the league.


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          New Month, new league. Finally, the Stake has come back to...oh, sorry, was having a "Rock" moment...rofl... Played my first non bingo tourney of my online life this morning, and I have to say it's refreshing to get beat by a better hand for once....lmao umbup: Now to stop playing the timing game(??) and all in with AA, KK,. I'm thinking this league will be more about making the right calls, utilizing some fancy footwork to get the calls you want, and making your notes pay off. Am excited, yet leary(for good reason) about this league with higher skill factor than donk, who knows, maybe my style will work as good against good players online as it does for me live.


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            I'm very glad you wrote that testimonial to the Premier, like you i placed under 500 and am now looking forward towards Premier...
            Question... the only way to Premier is with the ticket and $1 payin right?


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              Originally posted by CLoneDJ3DI View Post
              I'm very glad you wrote that testimonial to the Premier, like you i placed under 500 and am now looking forward towards Premier...
              Question... the only way to Premier is with the ticket and $1 payin right?
              Yes & No

              You need the ticket but not the $1 buy-in , premier league games are by invite only and have no buy in

              2 ways to get there

              1/ Finish in top 500 in Open league and have at least 20 vpp's
              2/ Finish in top 200 of Premier league Qualify also with a minimum of 20 vpp's

              To stay there , finish in top 800 with at least 20 vpp's



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