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New Sep Premier Review

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  • New Sep Premier Review

    Bubbled out 46th of 317 after exactly 3 hours in first tourney of month - shoving JJ over the top from the blinds versus a player I suspected was raising light with a big stack - they called holding 89 off and hit both their cards for two pairs - no complaints as I had already survived with AA hitting A on river when it looked to be beat by KK that had hit a set on the turn. I thought the extra starting chips improved the play a lot. Quite early I 3 bet KK and when the flop came AQJ it was easy to fold to the original raisers further aggression post flop. Last month that initial move would have probably committed me to the hand, far too early in the tournament. I actually lost about half my opening stack in the first hour, but still had chips to be patient and to make a reasonable comeback in later stages, as I still had enough fold equity for a couple of steal attempts as well as chips to wait for a better range of hands. Standard of play at my tables seemed pretty decent, people were respecting raises, very few limpers and later on most were picking good spots for shoves with reasonable ranges. Much closer to the play you would expect in a cash entry MTT. Some time clocking still but not excessive and mainly as the bubble was approaching.umbup: Pretty much a thumbs up from me for the changes. And I get a 3 hour break for brunch before the next one. umbup: Good luck all. Ed from Edinburgh
    4 Time Bracelet Winner

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    2nd tournament done with almost exact same result - fell just a few places short of the bubble after nearly 3 hours coming 67th of 441. This time I had a much steadier start, good middle period but was really scrambling towards the end. AJ under the gun last big play hit the Ace but with a pair of Sevens and a King coming I had to chop the pot with a smaller Ace and was then all in again on the blinds - so just got it all in with 23 suited on the next hand with inevitable results.

    Seemed to get moved tables a lot more this tournament, perhaps due to bigger field, and came up against a lot of solid play and more aggressive play than in the first tournament. Really enjoyed the contest though and just hope I can keep some kind of consistency as I expect to get many more games in this month with the extra one in the afternoon my local time. Will be interesting to see the points distribution when the new leagues get processed.

    Saturdays are going to be poker day for September with the PSO/UKIPT and VIP $30k tourneys.

    Timings are good though as I can get meals in regularly between games. It helps to not be trying to cook/eat/wash up at the same time as playing.

    Good to see a lot of strong play - need to start getting my note taking more effective as I can see a lot of dangerous players now, particularly those with both the experience from last month and a good awareness of how the changes will affect the game dynamic.

    I would think anyone moving up from the Open to this improved Premier league will be impressed by the quality of the experience and the standard of play.

    Good to see some old faces back in the Premier.

    Good Luck to all - well done to PSO Staff for making the improvements. Proper competition now.

    Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
    4 Time Bracelet Winner


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      thanks for the post edin ..I can immagine it now lol....wish I had a ticket...... ... finally got it this am gl and see ya on the next 1



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