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  • Leaderboard Display Page Suggestions

    Hello e1
    (i didnt know where to put this thread so general it is lol , and reply if you agree so admins might see/sticky it, ty)

    I would really like it if the leaderboard page could be modified a tiny bit to view the ranks little bit better by adding more "Page links" in the bottom AND put page selection ALSO at the top of the board or something like that.

    Everytime i look up my rank(or just viewing list) in leaderboard i have to click a gazzllion times "Next Page" with only 50 in list per page and like 1000+ pages lol well ya know hehe

    I know i can go to address bar and just manually put the page number then load the page etc but not e1 knows this.

    i also know and use excel to get data from tables etc(tx Thatnat666 lol, you savedme lots of time) so to add more players per page is maybe not good idea.

    Also, I always forget the darn prize distribution and i always have to click "next page" just to see were prizes change. ex. position 80+ to like 500 is 5$ VPP 20+. i do this to look at my up/down scoring RISK% to see if i should play to move up rank to have better prize or NOT play to stick to current position for prize.

    In Summary:
    -Adding page scrolling links like Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, ...100, Last Page. At Least we could just scroll 10 pages or 100 pages at a time.

    -Adding above suggestion links at the Top of the list also for better browsing( we all dont have huge Screen Resolution/screens)

    -Adding somewhere(scoring page maybe?) a little table saying
    #1 5000$
    #2 2500$
    #80-#500 5$
    so we wouldn't need to goto leaderboard and scroll 10 pages just to see when pool prize changes in ranks again.
    (maybe put links to key positions in leaderboard page scrolling?)

    i know it's kinda of a little request, but i think it would give big results for the members /(save our precious time to play poker lol)

    btw what would you do if...

    #80 - 5$ - 2358.41 (Top)
    #419 - 5$ - 2090.89 (YOU)
    #500 - 5$ - 2062.36 (Bottom)
    4.5 days left in the month
    Generally, would you risk playing a game to move up and solidify your position?
    Try and get (impossibly lol) 250ish pts within approx 20 playable games left) to try and get 7.50$ rank?
    Stick here, dont play and hope you stay within 5$ bubble
    still play but sitout game? play supersuper tight?
    or just the good old "shut up and play", "you think too much" attitude ? lol

    Food for thought
    gg and gl
    Bracelet Winner


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