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Biggest pot you've ever won?

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  • Biggest pot you've ever won?

    Decided to mess around abit and play some 6max nl2 to control my swing after getting another horrible beat in the league, ran my stack up a bit and binked this 800bb pot. Just thought i'd have a little discussion here about how big a pot everyone has one. You should state the amount won and number of BB's (also what stakes for those abit slow on math!) :P

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    Oh yea forgot to add this obv isn't the biggest pot i've won in hard currency, but I think its the biggest heads up showdown number of BB's ive won in one pot :p Obv this will never happen for me when I play nl50 or whatever cause poker's cool like that.


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      751.5 bb :p


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        $3870 in a $5/$10 NLHE cash game at the Horse Shoe in NW Indiana, after rake.
        Happened June 14, 2008.

        Had to dig up my record book to check it out.

        Had a loose raiser across the table who tried to sit on my BB too often.

        I caught AK, flopped top 2, and checked.

        He led with position into me, and I raised. He re-raised. I flatted.

        Turn put up a Q, and put 2 clubs on the board. I led out and he CALLED.

        River threw up a 3rd club, and I led again. He Jammed into me on the river for like $2k (had me covered), and because he only called the very bluffy turn, I put him on a busted DRAW of some sort, and trying to take down the bloated pot with a bluff.

        I called.

        He rolled over Q9, with only 9c.

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          I do have 2 pots I won that I "like" more though:

          1) Took down a $1500 pot in a 2/5 NLHE ring game with Ace high, un-improved.

          That one took me almost 10 minutes to think through, but eventually I hit the "right" decision and snapped off a major bluff.

          2) Took down a $75 pot in a 1/2 NLHE game with 45o, NO PAIR, after bluffing the turn with a flush draw and gut shot straight draw.

          It went check/check on the river, and my opponent who called my turn bet had the ONLY hand I could beat: 34o. He mucked his hand without showing, and the table EXPLODED in rage (thinking we were colluding). The guy who lost got pissed, reached into the muck, and tabled his 34o face up to show everyone that he WAS beat and did not muck a winning hand.
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            Nerves of steel JD ?
            That's the kind of play I would expect from Durrrr


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              I once grew a plant that was 7 feet tall....oh wait, never mind.
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                where's your back yard. whew 7 ft. lol. sept is budding / harvest season. ooops nevermind. lol. ok it was a long time ago.

                ive cashed in some tourneys, nothing to brag about, but am entering hi buy in tourneys as my bankroll allows. i try to not pay more than 10% of bankroll. when i hit the big $$$ ill let u all know.

                last weekend i won $43.00 pot in one hand from the other big stack at a $5.00 max buy in micro. Like widz's hand, I cant blame him calling, it was the zeebos poker theory all the way, two pairs on the board, full house vs. full house, but i had the nuts.

                cheers, johann
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                  Originally posted by RedLetterman View Post
                  Nerves of steel JD ?
                  That's the kind of play I would expect from Durrrr
                  Bah, not really on the A high hand.

                  It was against a lawyer, who was HUGELY bluffy in his game. He did not bet a turn flush draw as he almost certain would have done (per his past practice) if he had picked up the draw, plus when he put in his last 450 or so on the river bluff, the pot was already pretty big. I had barrellled pretty heavily twice, so I was pretty invested in the pot. The last card would have made a flush draw (runner runner) so I thought he might have been bluffing that fact.

                  The only thing that made me think on it so long was whether it was worth the risk of him having hit ANY pair, but the fact that except for the flop he check/called, led me to believe he was bluffing often enough to make it ok to call.

                  It turned out correct, but he easily could have hit th river as like 3rd or 4th pair and done the same thing. So I did get sorta lucky.

                  The actual "deal sealer" though was that before the hand started even, he had packed up his back pack to get ready to leave, as well as saying good bye to the table. If he'd done that BEFORE he got his cards, I'd have thought maybe he was trying to get cutesy with a monster, but since he'd lost 2 buy ins already, I decided to call because I thought the $450 or so might be him just trying to buy his way to being even, and losing that last BI was not much cash to him.

                  If you MUST know, it was probably a "mistake" in barrelling twice with no pair into a guy who was really really often going to be looking for bluff spots. If someone bluffs too much, it is far better in msot cases to call raher than raise into them...and since I was on air too, I did not really WANT a big pot (except my ego in trying to out play the other guy! ).

                  That is what grew the pot, and made the river "hero call" possible.
                  Last edited by JDean; Sun Aug 28, 2011, 10:57 PM.
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