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help to create right mindset!!

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  • help to create right mindset!!

    And there it was again as if i am caught by some nasty virus!!

    woke up early to play the premier, alone at home, nice weather, no tv, a good night sleep. i must say ideal inviorment to ply right!!

    we play a couple of orbits and the game goes like all the others lately, slow and tight. not much post flop action and if we have it it are all KQs+ cards well u know the ranging.

    suddenly and MP player sets a 2,5 BB raise everybody folds and i call my 88 from the small blind.

    The flop comes Ts6s3c and there it goes totaly of grid, why? that's what i should work on there is my big gaping BR eating hole where i make my mistakes.

    My entire body goes trough all that is learned, range him, preflop raise must be good, so i have to check and call or fold

    Noooooo my finger thinks different and i lead in, i am out of possition and probbably behind but still do it and i can't help it some how.

    then the second sign he has very good cards he reraises!!

    My entire body says FOLD, FOLD, FOLD get out, run run run

    in a far distance i hear the click of my finger pushing call and before i know it i am all in and watch my opponent turn over JJ on the river

    Bey bey wopke again in the negative points

    I start laughing at myself and say u stupid cow u do it again, know ur loosing and stil to eager to play out the hand


    because lately i happens to me a lot.
    And i know it's my flaw

  • #2
    it happens my last 3 hands lol guy on my right was in every hand and I was a bit short stacked


    • #3
      yeah but i make this descissions a bit to much lately costing me a lot of energy!!

      trough myself out of an money winning possition with an average stack just because suddenly i feel the erge to defend my SB that sort of thing

      i just can't hold back on that sort of plays when i made the descission

      while for about 2 weeks ago i easely could laydown QQ or JJ or AK when i felt i was way behind and couldn't turn it around any more now i am almost 1200 out of 1400 only sliding down hil because of unnessesary mistakes,

      sorry for my sometimes bad english writing


      • #4
        Take a day off from poker
        Forget about poker
        Relax , do something completely different


        • #5
          i have to go working again next week so maybe it helps but for sure i am going to try and survive the premier this month otherwise all hard work was for nothing hahaha



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