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Lucky, Genius or Does he know something we don't?

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  • Lucky, Genius or Does he know something we don't?

    Just finished playing against this guy in a $1.00 45. He certainly seems to be one of the 'Chosen People'! Hmm. Just worked out you can't see a couple of things. 1) His Israeli Flag avatar 2) His hole cards untill the end. He was playing 60% of hands fairly aggressively which helps explain why I was throwing my chips at him. As far as I was concerned he was just storing chips for me. Wrong! There's a lot of hands here, but I think they're worth it. I've just put up the ones which he won and we see his cards, with a short summary of what happened between them. Once again trying to justify my reckless play. This all happened over 31 hands. Although my HUD had 57 hands on him when I arrived at the table. #1 He wins with a re-raise on the turn. #2 He bets strongly with with a board, but loses to #3 Folds to a raise on the flop. #4 Lucky. 80% behind untill the river. #5 Lucky. 86% behind untill the river. #6 Folds to a strong bet on the flop. #7 Wins without show down with an all in on the turn. #8 Whoo! My chance to get my chips! He can't have floped it. He's a crazy. Bluff. Maybe a drawing bluff. Oops. Lucky chap. #9 & #10 He folds #11 Not so bad. Only 71% down untill the turn. #12 & #13 folds on turn then river. #14 Loses an all in with pocket JJ meets pocket QQ, but still wins chips due to small stack + other callers. His luck is running out! Sort of. #15 Limped to a lose showing Q9o v's AQs. #16 to #21 He takes with a variety of aggressive bets. #22 Calls a couple of strong bets, but folds at the turn. #23 Chips! I can smell them! Well, I could pre-flop. His small bet and check kept me in the hand. Probably should have re-raise pre or post. Calling the river bet was madness I know. I have no defence. 77% down untill the river. It happens. #24 He won with a bet on the turn. #25 He called a small stack all in and lost. K9o V's KTs #26 I shoved my small stack from the BB after his x2 raise from the cut off. Beat him. A9o v's K9o. HA! #27 Lost 1 BB to a small stack all in. #28 Folded flop. #29 Ok. Not a hard call for him. But still 82% down untill the river. Lucky *******! #30 Folded turn bet. #31I'm going to get stick for this and so I should. The red mist had desended. But still, what a lucky ******* **** ***** *******! Sorry it's all a little long winded, but I had to get it out there and off my chest. Although now I'm at the end of it, I'm wondering what I'm posting It for. Feeling much calmer now. OOOOOOMMMMMMM.
    Last edited by steveisnot; Fri Aug 12, 2011, 07:50 PM. Reason: wrong hands in the wrong places. preview didn't help

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    Oops! preview posts it?


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      It was reported a long time ago and still hasn't been fixed.


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        Cool. Not me misunderstanding the word 'preview' then.


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          hey is a amsterdam football fan that's why the israeli flag they call themself jews!! little strange.

          but for me it seems he was one of the millions clueless fun players who had a lucky day!

          i mean for someone playing so many hands!! it still is frustrating to watch them because they seem to get away with donk play! it appears that way!!



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            Im guessing hes playing good. Hes just playing his cards in the right spot against the right people im guessing. Maybe you should shove a little more with those big hands you had maybe win a small pot instead of lose a big one. Just guessing tho.
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