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Battle OF The Planets Run (1week)

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  • Battle OF The Planets Run (1week)

    Im not sure if I will do more than one block will have to see how it works out.

    So I know a lot of you like to play bigger fields in these but I prefer the 9mans for the simple reason it cuts variance slightly as compared to a larger field and the point drop off is not as significant.

    For example you win a 9 man you get 45 points as opposed to 18s(61points) and 27s(80).
    I break it down to having a better feel of one table that I can study the whole game than suddenly shifting and playing a new table mix.So I prefer 9 mans.

    Now I used to play Knockouts when I did these in the past but I was breaking down the vpps which is also important to me.

    9man turbos = .99vpps
    9 man = 1.16vpps
    9man KOs = .83vpps

    Now I only played knockouts because people do stupid stuff for the bounties but I was never one
    to play for the bounties so Its a toss up between turbo or reg speed.
    Time isnt a factor since I will be starting out with 20 so Im going to go for the vpp value and play reg speed.

    Will update how it goes in this thread and hope to see others in the hunt discuss tactic or play.
    Or just straight up brag about how good you are will add a chart when it is all said and done.

    Will knock 1 or 2 out now and head for bed.

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    Hope you get some "run-good" cookies. That plus your game will be a lethal combo. Good luck. umbup:


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      sometimes i laugh so hard tears run down my leg


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        Hedgehog will be cheering from the sidelines. Though mine are play money, I'm finding the 27-player games challenging. I'll be curious to know if the one-table, real money games have their share of the crazies. You'll need at least 425 points in the Mercury Division to reach the top one hundred and the bonus. Best of luck.


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          I'll join ya.

          Earth division. Two x 27 mans played. 138 points in the bag. Hmm. Keep that up and I'm looking at 1,380 points


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            Now that would be something. Good luck!


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              That's horrible in golf.


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                Originally posted by PanickyPoker View Post
                That's horrible in golf.
                That's why i don't play......


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                  First block of 20 in Mercury, playing the $1.50 27's and I scored 214 making me 1911th.

                  Grim. Very grim.

                  On the bright side over half were losts to horrid bad beats and that can't keep happening....can it?

                  Like your thinking with the 9 mans Cookies. Maybe I'll give them a go. Normally like the bigger fields. More clowns to get chips from. More sharks to take mine as well though I guess.

                  Good luck


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                    If all you played were the 27-player games, 214 points means you came out with a slight profit. That's always good news as it means you can play another orbit for free. umbup: A job well done.


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                      Well I finished my first block and it started out real slow and ended with suckouts.

                      [IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG]

                      Will play one more block of these and if I dont see a improvment will switch to 27mans for a change.

                      So I got 324 points and 386th on the board.
                      I think I can beat this placing so will shoot again.


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                        One other thing I hate is if I want to play from now till say 2 hours from now it takes awhile for the tables to fill. If any one knows the sweet spot for most players I am all ears.
                        I used to know but black friday has me trying to figure time zones and just not getting it.

                        Like now I am waiting longer than a minute for a table to fill and the other 3 are just me and another reg.


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                          hey guys, just wondering at what level the battle stops ie 180 man count also ? ty in advance HAPPY umbup:
                          Bracelet Winner


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                            6mans to 27 mans are what you can play.



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                              How can you find out where you are on the leaderboard? Do they send an email once you've played 20? The leaderboard I see on the site only has the top 100 and makes no mention of how many points they have.



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