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My Take on the Premier League

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  • My Take on the Premier League

    hmmmm i dont know what to say, I have read this post a cpl times and I just dont know what to say....well I do but I dont know how to say it, maybe I should put it in notepad and dabble with it until it looks right....

    ...Ok here goes, imho there is no difference between the blinds, ok yes there is to an extent but its not as bad as some of you are making it out to be. In old pso the blinds were at 100/200 20 ante at 50 mins into the game now the blinds are at 100/200 20 ante 1hr and 5 mins into the game. Yes we start with 20/40 and in old pso we started with 10/20 but really I dont see that it affects my game play too much with the way the blinds are.

    I also agree to a certain extent that clocking isnt requiered in the early stages of game, but when you get a stack say of 7k-8k and the blinds are 100/200 ante 20 why not clock at that point? Now then I havent actually put that into use myself, but last night I was in the 9pm game and was actually in 1st place for the first time in my whole PSO career, and there was almost everyone else clocking, and I started thinking to myself hmmm maybe I should be clocking, BUT with that said, I didnt clock for the same reason as most did in the old pso (other players go out before you) well I started that way, but soon realized that by me clocking I was seeing less hands bringing my value of a good strong hand up, and since I was fold, fold, fold clock, clock, clock it brought the win value up, again this is all just my humble opinion please dont attack Iam just seeing alot of people that are really good freaking out, and wanted to help since I had alot of people helping me in the old pso, wanted to return the favour, now where was I???

    Oh right ok so I was thinking once you get that stack and blinds are back to what we normally are used to why not clock again, Iam gonna put it to theory in my next couple games. Now there has been some games I have busted out early but my good finishes out weigh the early exits Iam currently in 60th place, last month I had 2000 points in 1st 6 days of play and in previous months I was consistently up with the "bigwigs" of PSO so I dont think I have been fairing to badly in PSO, a 1st place is on the horizon imho.

    I do agree with Cookies and the others that have said you need to adapt your play and the funny thing is is its just a small tweak to your play, take what I have said for what its worth and the only other thing Iam gonna say is "if they are loose, you are tight, if they are tight, you are...?" now then with that said I dont mean play ATC but be more willing to pop it preflop, and watch them fold, yes you are only taking the blinds but you know what? when the pot gets up to 960-1400 with blinds and antes and you pop it and everyone folds thats a pretty good return imho, hands I have been popping with are still strong as I dont want a call from someone without being able to hold my own, but what Iam saying is Iam seeing that widening your range of hands at opportune moments is the key in the premier league, which to me makes sense as they say you are allowed to play premium hands in any position, very strong hands in mid to late position and strong hands in late position thats what I have read out of most of the books, so it would seem that the premier league is going by the book now, and thats all I have to say about that.

    Oh one more thing Iam not saying it ALWAYS works but for the most part it does, and oh yeah it may not look pretty but I hope what I have said helps the ones who are struggling, with that said Iam done, just my 2 cents guys, I look forward to your opinions on what I have said, gl on the tables


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    Really great post!! I think your suggestions are spot on, It really isn't that big an adjustment. I'm going to do my best to stay in the premier league, I have no desire to move back to open. I've learned more in the few PL games I've played than I learned all of last month in the open league. umbup:umbup:umbup:
    Bracelet Winner


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      i know that what you're saying is struggle is that my old style of playing is so entrenched that moving out of my comfort zone seems impossible at times. despite my early exit in the previous game it was the only one i felt happy with my play.

      i'm not playing next month so my ranking isn't important but i would like to finish every game feeling good about the way i played. i'll just keep on trying...can't do more than that eh.


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        2 words .

        :totally agree


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          thnx :-) just calls it as I sees it :-D



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