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August open league

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  • August open league

    First congrats to all of you premier players as you no longer have to worry (I hope) about the donk fest, at least to the same degree.

    played in the first tourney today and managed to get my massive negative points by calling the all in shove in the first hand with my AA. Two guesses what happened and the first one does not count. Of course I hit for the set, unfortunately the player (once again 2 guesses on nationality) who initiated the all in from utg with a 6 3 hearts naturally hit the flush on the turn and river.

    aaah, the timing is good, as it gives me a lower point count to start with so I can only go up from here.

    Good luck all.

    also, is it my imagination or have the blinds started off higher this month??
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    UL yo happened to me so many times last month

    am still grinding the 1st OL 1hour & 10mins later still slow folding me way to top 900

    wast fortunate to get kings twice in first two orbits along with two nice customers gimmie just over 4k to slow fold me way down in to top 900 :P

    GL to all OL grinders


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      in tourny two, we had a full field. It seems to have gotten faster with the higher blinds this month as by first break we were down to 1819 players left. Boy, I have seen some strange shoves even compared to last months sit and fold. At least I have not had any AA or KK to get wiped out on yet.



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        hanging in there like a loose tooth


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          Boy, I love the action! I call those all-ins with the AA and KK every day of the week. Sometimes they hold, sometimes they don't.

          That being said, I'm thinking of giving playing for points a try this month - because I want to be able to do what works, and I don't seem to be capable of playing that patiently for a sustained period of time, even when I try.

          So I'd like to try. All the top players seem to avoid all-ins for as long as possible unless they're sure they've got the nuts, especially with more than one person in the pot, eh? I want to cultivate that level of self-restraint.

          If I can do it in the open league, I should be able to do it anywhere And those same principles apply every where too, eh? It's definitely costing me cashes when I can't restrain myself from raising/calling rather than folding so close to the bubble.

          We'll see how it goes - I've only been playing about a year now

          GL to everybody still in the Open League - the most frustrating part is missing the sign-ups for these things ...
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            Originally posted by TrustySam View Post
            GL to everybody still in the Open League - the most frustrating part is missing the sign-ups for these things ...
            I was having the same problem last month as they fill in 4 or less minutes during prime time, so i set my calandar to remind me Daily 1 min before reg opens. This works great when your at the comp playing other games and the sign up time passes by before you realize it. GL umbup: Ralph


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              I'll give it a try - I'm not the most organized person. There have been more than one occasion where I sat myself down to early to make sure I didn't miss the window of opportunity. Only to become engrossed in something on the 'net, and miss the sign up It's like when I make a list to get more organized - and then lose the list I'll give it a try - it ought to work at least some of the time umbup:


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                I forgot to sign up again


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                  I just went in to 9am NZT OL game and at the first break there is 2067 out of 10000 entrants, lol compared to what i read here (form) the OL it is one donkfest too the PL GLumbup:
                  3 Time Bracelet Winner


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                    playing in tourney #4 for me now, and the donkfest seems to have died down a lot compared to last month. There are still lots of them but I am able to play a little more and have actually seen some decent hands being played and played better than what I have normally witnessed.


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                      @fold or lose, you are off to a good start I see. That tooth must not have fallen out.

                      I have finally (after a year of playing here in the freerolls) finally figured out how the notes works. Now i can have a little better advantage maybe in my play and open up a bit more as I gather my intelligence.


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                        yup i guess the league just got a lot more softer now all the "pros" have moved on to the Prem. league, gives us a Fish a chance

                        FOLD OR L0SE


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                          Originally posted by adamsmith008 View Post
                          playing in tourney #4 for me now, and the donkfest seems to have died down a lot compared to last month. There are still lots of them but I am able to play a little more and have actually seen some decent hands being played and played better than what I have normally witnessed.
                          Yeah, I'm sort of finding that too - that while there's still lots, when people go all-in now, they'll at least have sort of okay hands - at least a suited face card, or an ace ... they're not super bad like 23o and stuff There's a lot fewer players this month signed up, eh? Like by the end of last month there were like 110,000 people - this month there's less than 20,000. Maybe some of those freerollers who were playing for the penny were realizing that to make any cash in the league takes quite a bit of commitment? Not sure if the experience has been the same for everybody else, but anybody finding that there doesn't seem to be as much hand masking in the Open League- like people who represent hands that are different from what they really hold ... betting the same amount no matter whether they have middle pair or top pair or a set, making pot-sized bets when all they have is a draw and then betting that same amount when they hit, betting on the river when an A hit when they actually made the flush on the turn, etc? Not sure, because it's only been a couple of days. Like maybe it was just the tables I was at or something. But I thought I had a problem folding, but maybe it's more accurate to say I have a problem knowing where I stand when people are masking their hands, and so I call in the face of confusion thinking I have a chance when really I'm so far behind it's comical. I just had one of those, and wound up finishing earlier than I should have - so I guess there's some of that sort of play. But it doesn't seem like there was as much as before ... I don't know for sure though ... Oh well - glad to see everybody doing well in the Open League ... hope we're all able to make a little cash at the end of the month. That'd be nice umbup:
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                            yes Trusty, I have also noticed it although there is definately some going on. the last tournament i was in I had 2 guys at the table who just called the BB and checked the way through the hand. Nothing coming up at all. The first player turned over a QQ and I was thinking WTF when the next guy turns over KK and I was really WTF. Could not wait to get off of that table after seeing that.

                            It can get confusing when the players do this but I tend to make notes (now that I know how) about which players do it. The Bush Sitters often will low bet their hand and wait until you hit and start betting then turn over their big hand after making that final shove and poof, you're gone. ON the other hand those same players will often raise big with nothing when they dont get their flop.

                            Anyway, for me so far, I am glad that our friends have moved up to the premier league as it allows us some room up front. Just not seeing as many Canadian flags up there now as before, but I am sure they will be a comming.
                            \Cheers and GL


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                              the one thing that I have been seeing a lot that I actually think is quite funny is the clocking. With all the top guys gone up to the premier league I have not noticed as much this month. The one group who seems to be using the tactic this time is the Germans. Almost every table when I have players from Germany on it they start using the clock.
                              I find it funny because last month they were always complaining when we did it. This month I am actually finding it is not necessary and in fact can be bad. With tthe blinds going up the game moves a little quicker and many of the true and total donks are gone right away and also by getting the hands in quicker you get to build your stack on the lower big blinds before the antes hit.
                              And also it will get more hands in faster so that most of the register and sit out players are now out around 1700 place so they are not making it to ITM and gaining bigger points for doing nothing.



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