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PSO quallifier

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  • PSO quallifier

    Any one know why the first quallifier was cancelled?

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    They usually cancel tournies when there are not enough runners but since PS are offering no guarantee or anything it is probably the initiation of the Global/Open league, Premier league and PSO Qualifier all at the same time that could be causing some logistical difficulties.

    It should be sorted out in the mix



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      Not sure what you guys are talking about..there have been 2 already run and a leaderboard can be found on the home tab.


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        Seems I have cheese for brains today, Dan; come to think of it i have cheese for brains most days


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          Heck, I had to ask admin myself. Wasn't seeing anything with filters on.
          There was an issue with times needing to be changed...don't think that's fixed yet totally.


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            I think I like the look of these TBH. I have been trying some satties and MTTs with no success the last few days. I have been making the right decisions mostly, not really nitting it up or anything like that but just getting sucked out on when I got it all in with the best. The gods of the river seem to really have it in for me

            I might give the next one a go and see how I fare. They cannot be any madder than those rebuy turbos with one addon. I rebought about 12 times yesterday just as the add on was coming up, everybody was all in every hand and I did not hit once out of twelve. Pure lottery IMO or there must be a special way of playing them.

            Not going anywhere near those again, they make the Open League look tight



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              I just looked at them and they look like a juicy game, high payout and earn extra points as well


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                This will be a very interesting league. You've got the leaderboard on one hand, and the incentive to simply get itm on the other. Very, very interesting. umbup:


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                  I am going to be watching Cote for sure through out this!!! umbup:


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                    sorry guys i should have left more info, I was waiting for the registration to open for the 11am est, had the tourney open on my screen, when came time for the registration it disappeared as if it was cancelled. All the events are visible to me as well i have my pso ticket. I am going to wait and see what happens with the 7 pm tourney.

                    Thanks guys


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                      The standard of play was really quite high at my table. I was card dead for an hour. "Best hand" was just before the break when BB, made a 3X raise, UTG went all in with a slightly smaller stack, and I sat in the cut off with A2 and under 800 chips.

                      I nearly called, BB had Qs, UTG had Ks and I would have hit my A to win the hand LOL but I think the word donk may have been ringing in my ears for a long time.

                      Shortly after the break I got AK off UTG, made a 3X raise (my first actual play), everyone folded but a MP player with a shorter stack than me went all in. I called and his pocket 9s held. Next hand AQ in the BB, everyone folded to a big stacked SB who put me all in for my remaining 15 chips, he hit JJ on the flop with his J,10. Out around 200th.

                      Not unhappy at all. The standard of play was really high, lots of bluffing and stealing from nits and I suppose I looked like a super nit, but I never would have hit a pair, never mind won a hand with the hands I folded except the A,2 one.

                      I will certainly play another one before the week is out but when the cards are running that bad, it is time to take a break. I lost about 3% of my bank playing sats and MTTS the last three or four days. The results were horrendous but my over all play was good so I will just go back to the min cash games and grind a few more dollars to have another shot at this format in the near future.

                      I recommend anyone looking to play real poker to give the qualifiers a go. I was only sat at one table the whole time but I must say I was pretty impressed with the play.


                      Last edited by topthecat; Mon Aug 01, 2011, 11:31 PM.


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                        Now is it just me? This time i registered right when the Quallifier opened its registration, but when i looked to see how many entries their were it disappeadred from the private tab. I have all my filters shut off and i see the later PSO quallifers in my list. IS this a bug or am I bugging out?


                        Its the 7 pm est event i am talking about
                        Last edited by WildYetty; Tue Aug 02, 2011, 01:41 AM.


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                          No idea Yetty,

                          Maybe best to email PS support about this issue as it is on the PS site.



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                            Good Idea TC

                            Ill post their responce here



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