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Attn: PSO Convention Golfers

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  • Attn: PSO Convention Golfers



    It will take place on the 09th January 2003 at 10.30am at a local venue yet to be decided. This time has been chosen as it does give some recovery time from the events of the night before and will finish early enough for players to get ready for the poker tournament that evening. (I'm also told that it will be warmer at that time of day??)

    The tournament format will either be Texas Scramble or Stableford (points) in teams of four, being the easiest way to make sure that all golfers have an interest through the whole of the 18 holes. The final decision on the format will be taken when numbers playing are known.

    The entry fee (non-refundable) is $10 dollars per player and all the proceeds will go the DJ Express Fund. However, there will be a selection of extremely tacky prizes for those participating (including a perpetual trophy for the winning team, to be kept safely until the next golf tournament at the next PSO convention when it will have to be relinquished and fought for again).

    Prizes will be given for the tackiest outfit, the biggest lie on the day, the person giving most fun etc. etc. We are also contemplating a "candid camera" type roving reporter who (we hope) will be in place to video some of the most indiscreet moments.

    Side bets, team bets, individual bets, nassaus, oozlums and woozlums (up and down from bunkers), nearest the pin, nearest the fairway type bets on each hole will also help empty the pockets of the unwary.

    Come along, have fun and contribute to what we already know is a really worthwhile cause.

    To register either respond to this thread or e-mail me at (with your handicap genuine, or imagined):

    or PM me or Win4Win (who will be the judge, jury and arbiter of rules, team selection and choice of course)

    We look forward to seeing you out there, having a real good time in a real good cause.

    :lol: :lol: :lol: Win4Win and Shoeless Joe :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • #2
    Now taking bets! Put me down for the shortest drive contest! and par while playing from 2 fairways over! ( I have lots of practice from playing out of the wrong fairway!) LOL bout most shots out of a bunker?!

    Well now that we have a date and time......we can get an idea of the number of players we will have......and once we have that then we can determine which course will best serve our needs.

    Cant wait to get out there and tear up some grass.....and trees....and sand....and water with you guys!

    = )


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      They tell me that golf is a whole lot like sex. You dont have to be good at it to REALLY like it. So sign me up for the golf, it is something I really like doing for hours at a time



      • #4
        I'm with Bill...I ain't great, but love the game!
        I'd love to join the fun.

        While I drive fairly well, and have a fair short game...I bet I can 4 or 5 putt with professional consistancy!


        • #5
          you can sign me up also, but i notice one small problem. the tournament is to be held on the 9th, and the seminar is on the 11th. the seminar, if i am not mistaken, will be started with breakfast around 9:30 or something, so this date and time will interfere with what PSO is setting up. please double check this info before you make any reservations. just thought i would let you know. maybe play on the morning of the 9th. that would be better. this is going to be awesome!!!!!!!! my handicap is somewhere around 18 to 20, just ask wildbill, he has watched me lose many a golf ball on holes with no water even in



          • #6
            Ummmmmm guys....I'm not a golfer, but perhaps since the tournament is Thurs, (9th) evening, and seminar is Sat. morning (11th), what about an agreeable time on Fri (10th). The WPO event that day is $500 LHE, starting at noon. Don't know how many are planning to play in that event, but, sounds like Fri. mite work??



            • #7
              8) hey I'll caddy for 10% of what anyone wins, I once managed 4 full bags on my chair. Didn't go very far, (about 2 feet) very fast, about, (5 minutes). But I won the bet.

              ponygee :roll:


              • #8
                The date was meant to be posted for the 9th not the 11th......since we intended to get our rounds in before the PSO tournament and not interfere with any other PSO or WPO functions.

                Shoeless Joe has been working hard to coordinate things with Tina so that the most players would be able to attend all events if they wished. We should finish up our golf with plenty of time to get ready for the PSO event that evening.....the 10th is the WPO 500 buy in limit event at noon .....and the 11th is PSO breakfast and seminars so i think things will fit nicely with the everything else going on around us.

                I have the original list of players that planned to attend. If you arent sure if you are on that list then let me or Joe know or post here. Around the middle of next month i'll be sending out confirmation emails just to make sure that those on the list have finalized their plans.


                • #9
                  joe can go in an edit his post at top so as to eliminate any confussion, OK im going to give up playing the pot limit omaha event just so i can be with my friends, Probably save $500 also.

                  Count me in, i play to around a 14 to a 20 handicap just depends. Im really excited and this will be fun.

                  i want to be with the gambling group, the group that has fun, Hellll lets all just play the same hole all at once.


                  • #10
                    When ever, Where ever I am in!!!! I LOVE TOURNEY GOLF, and I also like to give lots of my money away so count me in with the gamblers group.

                    Handicap is around 20 to 25 depending on how much I drink, and how many foot wedges I use per round :wink: Speaking of...should we sell mulligans to add to the fund?

                    Has anyone seen my ball?




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